Curiosities of Echternach!!!

I am back updating this wonderful post into one of my favorites countries of Europe. And one of its most smaller, as well as coming to its oldest city of Echternach! It was a lovely ride and would like to expand a bit on the town.See other posts, and hope you enjoy the post as I.

There is the Church St Peter and St Paul as well as the Abbey Museum that i like to group into this post for you and I. Again the ride to Echternach was awesome, many memorable moments including finding the first parking upon entering the city, we figure would be a long walk but voilà all was within walking distance!


The Church Saint Pierre et St Paul at Rue de la Montagne, is the first parish church of Echternach. In the 4C, the hill where the church stands is fortified with towers and a surrounding wall. The crypt of the church dates back to these works. Around the year 1000 a Romanesque building was built in the form of a basilica with three naves. The two towers that flank the choir reflect the architectural influence of Lorraine and a semicircular apse. In the 15C, the church is transformed and enlarged in Gothic style. This intervention led to the creation of the current nave. In 1718 the ground level was lowered, the apse renewed. After WWII, archaeological excavations and restoration work took place, which gave the sanctuary its current appearance. The stained glass windows are by the painter François Gillen, a native of Echternach.

The rock style altar was created in the 18C. for the old parish church. Romanesque paintings, they date back to the 11C, and represent the Beatitudes.The Baroque Sarcophagus of Saint Willibrord from the 17C was formerly placed under the altar table of the abbey church , The painting of Saints Peter and Paul from the 18C represents the two patron saints of the church.

The Echternach tourist office on the church:

The Abbey Museum is at 11 Parvis de la Basilique. This was a surprise and we enjoyed it much.


The monks of the Abbey of Echternach produced magnificent manuscripts, renowned throughout Europe. The museum, which is located in the vaulted cellars of the 1727 abbey palace, still testifies to this today. There are high quality facsimiles of manuscripts such as the Codex Epternacensis, which were produced in the scriptorium of Echternach. The museum also retraces the life and work of Saint Willibrord, founder of the abbey in 698. His bones rest in the crypt of the basilica. It is also in his honor that the Dancing Procession, listed as an intangible cultural heritage by UNESCO, is held. The Abbey Museum has 10 audio guides in German, French, Dutch and English which are available free of charge. The user will only need to deposit his identity card as a guarantee.  Warning ! The museum is to remain closed until further notice due to flood damage.


The official Abbey museum

The Luxembourg tourist office on the museum

Some other monuments/events to see next time are:

The hopping procession of Echternach is a religous procession very unique in many ways. It is at the origin of the history of the abbey of Echternach and its founder Saint Willibrord. It is an internatinal procession in honor of the Saint Willibrord because of the great number of pilgrims. The first mentioned of this procession dates from the end of the 15C.

The Luxembourg tourist board on Echternach hopping processions:

There is the Roman town of Echternach it is witness to the presence of before the abbey of Echternach. The abbey belonged to Luxembourg with a Roman past. The origins Gallo Roman of Echternach discovered by work done on an artificial lake in 1975-1976. The Roman city is done on a central section of 118 meters by 62 meters and this central section is composed of a monumental room flanked by living spaces like kitchen and bedrooms. Around this central section you have roads taken you to a big triclinium and other to a spa  complex; and from here to the rustic part which was the economic zone that is symmetrically to the left and right of the ramparts walls on th south of the town; composed of at least ten buildings.

The Luxembourg tourist board on Echternach Gallo Roman site

You, also, have the Market Cross, the Justice Cross or Johannes Bertels, the bridge, the lookout, ramparts on th south side of town ,and the old city center. Again , all a wonderful town worth the detour.

The Luxembourg tourist board on Echternach:

The city of Echternach on its heritage :

There you go folks, hope you enjoy the post on Echternach, a nice town to visit in Luxembourg.  And remember, happy travels, good health ,and many cheers to all!!!

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