My car parkings in Paris!!!

As with all modes of transportation I have used in Europe, France, and Paris, the car as far as I am concern is king. They can find all the alternatives they want but the car is here to stay and whatever form they make it . Now is all kinds from something call hybrid to electrical and else. I have said love the freedom of movement and my road warrior trips in Europe allows to see all the wonderful things these countries and cities have to offer. I like to bring you on to my car parkings of Paris!!! Hope you enjoy the freedom of movement…! This post will be on my black and white series, no pictures!

I saw an older post on one of my nearest parking to work in Paris, which sometimes I dare drop public transport and come by car, my favorite travel tool. There is no longer a parking there as the folks change to do more garage repairs work but here for the memories. The former New-York Garage, 38, rue du Mont-Thabor ,1éme! Another parking with a nostalgic twist now is at Parking de L’Église above ground by the Church of Pantin (see post) located at 147 Av. Jean Lolive, on city limits of Pantin in Seine Saint Denis dept 93 I used to come early on with my dear late wife Martine, and her VW Golf car and parked here so we can take the public transports into Paris, as she was not apt for that, me later on did started driving in Paris for the better, The other above ground parking we used was at 3 Pl Joffre by the école militaire wonderful spot to move about and visit friends in Paris. Of course, there were many on the street parking over the years all over, never a problem for me the road warrior.

However, over the years I have used many underground parkings in Paris, all over ! I took it as a homework to try to remember, them all and do a post on them, I guess I am been nostalgic but me think worth it for the good memories and a repeat soon. Hope you enjoy the list and can use them in your travels. Oh yes you can drive in Paris, well posted no problems and guide yourselves by the Seine river, remember rive gauche or left bank and rive droite or right bank, Happy motoring folks !

I will list them in no particular order just jotted down as I remembered them. The one stop parking webpage onepark is very good as it gives you districts and sights with parkings nearby in English ; however, there are plenty of others such as the individual parking management companies such as Saemes ,Effia or Indigo, etc.

Indigo Etoile Wagram, 22 avenue de Wagram, 8éme. webpage:

Saemes Parking Rivoli-Sébastopol, 5 Rue Pernelle, 4éme webpage :

Indigo Pont Marie, 48 rue de l’Hotel de Ville 4éme webpage :

Saemes Quai Branly-Tour Eiffel , 25 Quai Jacques Chirac, 7éme, webpage:

Indigo Place de la Concorde, webpage :

Saemes Madeleine Tronchet, 21 Place de la Madeleine, 8éme, webpage:

Indigo Vendôme, 28 place Vendôme, 1éme,webpage :

Indigo Alma George V, 19 avenue George V, 8éme webpage :

Saemes Hôtel de Ville, 6 quai de Gesvres, 4éme webpage :

Indigo Champs Elysées, 64 avenue des Champs Elysées 8éme webpage :

Indigo Bourse, 31 rue Vivienne, 2éme webpage :

Indigo Place Saint Michel, 25 rue Francisque Gay 5éme : webpage:

Official Forum des Halles, Rue de Turbigo 1éme webpage :

Indigo Bastille, 53 Bd de la Bastilles 12éme webpage :

Indigo Gare de Lyon, 191 rue de Bercy 12éme, webpage :

Indigo Soufflet Panthéon, 22 rue Soufflort, 5éme, webpage :

Official Effia Gare Saint Lazare, 29 rue de Londres, 9éme, webpage :

Indigo Haussmann Galeries Lafayette, 48 bd Haussmann, 9éme webpage :

Indigo Méridien Etoile, 9 rue Waldeck Rousseau, 17éme, webpage :

Saemes Anvers, 41 bd Rochechouart, 9éme, webpage :

Official Effia Gare Montparnasse Pasteur, pl des 5 Martyrs du Lycée Buffon, 15éme, webpage :

Indigo Louvre, 1 Avenue du Général Lemonnier, 1éme webpage :

Indigo Place de la Concorde, pl de la Concorde 8éme webpage :

Parc Saint Dominique, 133 Rue Saint Dominique 7éme, webpage :

Berger Les Halles, facing 12 rue de Turbigo or 21 Rue des Halles, 1éme, webpage :

Saemes Meyerbeer-Opéra, 3 rue de la Chausée d’Antin, 9éme, webpage :

Saemes Odéon, 21 rue Ecole de Médecine, 6éme, webpage :

Indigo Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie, 61 bd Macdonald, 19éme, webpage :

There you go folks, do not be afraid of driving in Paris regardless of what so call expert travel publications tells you; remember, I went thru the same, came first visiting and then residing. Paris is eternal and thanks to Mr Haussmann , a great place to drive into not around mind you, but in and out , the best. Unless things gets worse thanks to the socialist mayor of Paris! Hope you enjoy the post and each parking has plenty to see around on foot, which is afterall the best way to see any city.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Pues para mi, amigo mío, son mis pies, andando se llega a Roma y para viajar, el AVE…

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