Curiosities of the 9éme arrondissement of Paris !!

I have decided to do these black and white series, no pictures and tell you about my stumping grounds while working in Paris for 9 years, I will continue with the curiosities of the 9éme arrondissement of Paris !!

You can go inside the Société Générale bank at 29 boulevard Haussmann founded in 1864 this bank has 7 buildings typical of the Second Empire that they acquired in 1904. The building were renovated in 1912 with basement for the safes. The main room has a cupola of 24 meters in diameter, Just be discreet as it is a working place.

You have several glass enclosures in the Opéra neighborhood such as at the Grand Hôtel 2 rue Scribe (1861) today the Intercontinental Le Grand Hôtel (location of my former employer see post) ), Galeries Lafayette 40 bd Haussmann and Printemps, 64 bd Haussmann,

The Musée de la Parfumerie Fragonard, 9 rue Scribe created in 1983 tracing the history of perfums from the Egyptians to the 20C.

The streets around the Opéra Garnier were name after opera composers of the 19C such as rue d’Auber, rue Mayerbeer, Rue Halévy, and rue Gluck, Scribe also was the author of books on the opera and also the square Diaghliev that was a choreographer,

You can see the vineyards of the firefighers at 22-28 rue Blanche , The Chasselas grapes around their building provides a white wine that is bottled under Château Blanche since 1926, The rue Blanche has its origins in the quarries of Montmartre very near, The plaster recovered from here was taken by boats on the Seine to be mounted on bigger boats elsewhere,

At 84 rue de Clichy you have the Cercle de Jeu Clichy-Montmartre since 1947 pool place par excellence in Paris with 16 tables 8 American and 5 French as well as one snooker, and two billard tables, See around the 82 rue Blanche a building with two hands on each side of the number as mine to hold hands,

The Church de la Trinité , 3 Rue de la Trinité has the figure 3 as a symbol, It has 3 arches in its principal porch, the great basin has 3 fountains with 3 vases on each, the main central fountain has a sculpture of a women symbol of hope that has 3 children in her arms, each children has 3 bronce jars at their feet,

See the staircase in the Musée Gustave Moreau, 14 rue de la Rochefoucauld, It has the particularity of been done on the same building where the painter lived,The museum retraces the real life of a painter and to follow the artistic progress of a painter, Nearby on the Square Orléans that you enter by the 80 rue Taibout you see the high place of the New Athens romantic era, Here are build 46 apartments and 5 shops of artists, It house the ballerina Marie Taglioni, the musician Marmontel and the couple of George Sand (house in first floor no 5) and Chopin (at aprt no 9),

We go on with the Musée de la Vie Romantique at 16 rue Chaptal, It was the property of painter Ary Scheffer and his nephew the writer Ernest Ronan, A place of romanticism held by Chopin, Lamartine, George Sand, and Delacroix, A nice place to visit,

See at 27 Place Saint Georges the Hôtel Dosne-Thiers or Library Thiers, Of the modern history of France belongs to the Institut de France, and the room of Adolphe Thiers, and has a nice garden, Not easy to go in but you can go with a group with reservation, A bit further at 28 Place Saint Georges see the Hôtel de la Païva, it belonged to Thérése Lachmann , marquise de la Païva troubador style mix with Renaissance and Néo Gothic dating from 1840.

Even if private, you can see throught the grille the wonderful Avenue Fronchot, nearest Metro Pigalle, Created in 1830 with beautiful mansions of the 19C, A varied architecture from Neo Gothic, Flamand, medieval, palladian, or neo antique that attraced many famous such as Victor Hugo, Alexandre Dumas,father, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Victor Massé, More recent you had Django Reinhardt and François Truffaut with a sequence of his film « Les Quatre Cents Coups », The house at no 1 has a mysterious history as the director of the Folie Bergére buys it and bequested to his cleaning lady that was brutally assassinated in it ; inhabitable for more than 30 years, the house is purchase by Sylvie Vartan that leaves quickly after moving in ! The art critic Mathieu Galev who purchase it died in it oh well see it but do no live in it !

How about the Cité Malesherbes access by 59 rue des Martyrs, the attorney Malesherbes guillotine in 1794 was the owner, Some interesting building especially the no 11 with nice decoration in ceramics ,lava and terracotta work of architect Jal on the account of painter Jollivet, At No 17, the rotonde of the Hôtel of Architecture Amoudru, and the balcony with as ornamentation a female mask and medallion, Follow this up at 41-47 rue des Martyrs with the garden, not seen from the street but plenty of roses, great for a pause.

At 10 rue Lallier see the private collection of the phonogallery store, guided visit in groups only,A collection of talking machines ! Going back to 1877 It is a museum boutique and the store located between the cabarets of Montmartre and the artists of the New Athens. Around here, see the Le Hibou at 68 rue Condorcet an owl sculpture on the facade celebrating the architect Viollet le Duc as he ordered built this building in 1862-63, and place the owl on the window of his shop, See, also, the unique Cité Napoléon by 58 rue Rochechouart , not seen from the street , is a good example of the familistery done in 1853,It was to house modest families with a free doctor visits in exchange for keeping high morals as an inspector will visit to verify the morality of the inhabitants, The Familistery is an utopian socialist model of Charles Fourier applicable in his theory of phalanstery or community living and it welcome only families,

Moving on see at 16 rue Cadet, the Musée du Grand Orient de France, Installed since 1840 in the Hôtel Cadet,It presented more than 10k collection pieces that retraces the history of the order in France,(Masons).

Perpendicular to the rue Richer, and rue Bleue and created in 1840 you have the Cité de Trévise, with nice buildings of neo Renaissance style surrounding a square with three cariatides that gives hand forming a pretty fountain, Further south at 19-20 rue Bergére you have the office of the bank BNP Paribas, long house the national discount counter with a staircase in cages with the market room and its pretty glass worth a look, The facade has three scuptures of Millet such as Prudence, Commerce, and Finance,

And to end this walk on the 9th, I bring you to the Church Saint Eugéne Sainte Cécile, 6 rue Sainte Cécile, Dedicated to two Saints, Ste Eugéne in honor of Eugénie the wife of Napoléon III, and Ste Cécile, the Patron Saint of Musicians as it was close to the former national conservatory of music, The church has no belltower as to not bother the musicians, It was built in 1854-55 with an 13C inspired architecture. A characteristic of the church is that it function as biritualism , the offices are celebrated with the rite of Paul VI and Pie V (in Latin), until 1998, Today one priest does the two rites, So on one day you have a priest giving Mass in French facing the faithful, and two hours later ,the same priest giving Mass in Latin dressed golden and purple with his back to the faithful while the Gregorian chants are sang, For info, for the most part the ritual of Paul VI is considered as a modernisation and adaptation of the church in the 20C,,,

There you go folks, a dandy walk around wonderful eternal Paris and its 9th district where I once worked, and visit often the area. Hope you enjoy the trivia and do come to the most beautiful city in the world:Paris!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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