Parking du Môle in Honfleur!!!

Ok so came up with this piece as a road warrior I know my ways around the roads of Europe and especially France and Spain. I have come to many cities, towns, and villages and always amaze myself of folks telling how hard is to park your car! Well nothing at all, car parking is easy , at the most a bit of patience will do.

I will start with my favorite parking spot in Honfleur, Calvados dept 14 , region of Normandie in my belle France! This is the parking du Môle!

honfleur parking du môle 4 euros day aug20

First a bit of history as to where it is. This outer harbor bears witness to the development and activity of the port of Honfleur in the 19C. 1840-1845: construction of the lighthouse, the beacon hut and the outer harbor huts. 1857: enlargement of the shack at the beacons, construction of the first wooden mast. 1876: reconstruction of the metal mast. They are there, on the mole, opposite the Quai de la Quarantaine: the lighthouse, the former lighthouse and beacon building, now occupied by the Society of Sailors (SNSM) and..the house, which was once the captain’s port.

Its very easy, you come into Honfleur from the A13 autoroute de Normandie ,then on the D180 and then D580A road that in city limits becomes Cours Jean de Vienne bear right to quai Tostain turn right on voie Charles Berthelot into Place de la Gare continue and you have a huge parking, right for camping cars , and left for automobiles, The fee is 4 euros per day!

Of course, now we come the other way from Deauville/Trouville on the road D513 then D62, then D579A which once in city limits becomes the Rue de la République to the back of the Vieux Basin turn left rue du Dauphin quick right to continue in rue du Dauphin, rue des Logettes, then right quai de la Quarantaine, then, left into Voie Charles Berthelot, into Place de la Gare, and the parking ahead. Several names but most is a straight line just the street names change.

The Honfleur tourist office on parkings with a nice map my parking shown in green B: 

There are many parkings in Honfleur but the one above is our favorite after many years coming here, The city of Honfleur on parkings :

So therefore, take the road and enjoy the cities, towns and villages of my belle France, and of course one of my favorites, Honfleur. Hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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