The Théâtre Legendre of Evreux!

Another wonderful monument in Evreux, dept 27 of the Eure in the Normandie region of my belle France. I had this minimally mentioned in another post and decided to split the old post into the wonderful monuments you can see in this nice layback Norman town. Therefore, here is my brief take on the Legendre Theater of Evreux.

The Legendre Theater,located at 1 square Georges Brassens with a capacity of 330 seats, completely renovated turn-of-the-century Italian-style theater re-opened its doors in September 2019. After 13 years of restoration and extension work, the building built in 1903 in the Beaux-Arts style .The Legendre theater has the particularity of composing with the city/town hall which adjoins it a quality urban ensemble within a revitalized town center. Located on a large square formed by the city/town hall, the Media Library, the Maison des Arts and the Pavillon Fleuri, the theater is located in the heart of the Arts square of Évreux.

Evreux theater front jan11

A bit of history I like tell us that there was an ancient theater, Located in the triangle formed by the current boulevards Jules-Janin and Pasteur and rue Lépouzé, the ancient theater was probably the oldest of the public buildings. A dedication to the Emperor Claudius found on the site made it possible to date it around 41 to 54 AD. Measuring approximately 90 meters long with a radius of 36 meters and able to accommodate 6,000 people, it consisted of a frons scaenae or stage wall, an arena and a cavea or tiers. It was abandoned after the barbarian invasions at the end of the 3C !

Later came the Joséphine’s theater In 1812, Joséphine de Beauharnais was exiled to Évreux after her repudiation by Napoleon I. The performance hall proves too popular to host the former empress, In February 1896, the municipal council decided to demolish the theater and organized an architectural competition. The only freedom left to the designers was the orientation of the entrance to the theatre: either towards Place de la Comédie (now Place Sarrail), or towards the Museum (now Square Georges Brassens). The Legendre Theater was inaugurated on June 9, 1903 , In 2013, the city of Evreux initiated a project management consultation for the restoration and extension of the Evreux Theater The reception hall, linking element between the extension south and the theater is covered by full-height glazed facades. The main access to the theater is at the level of the west facade of the entrance hall created by the ramp accessible from the square Georges Brassens. At the end of this major work campaign and after thirteen years of closure to the public, the renovated Legendre theater was inaugurated on June 18, 2019.  The name of the theater is after the architect who built the new theater Léon Legendre.

The city of Evreux on its theater :

The Evreux tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy monument to visit and close to all the major attractions listed in my posts on Evreux. The Théâtre Legendre is worth the detour. Hope you enjoy the brief post on this wonderful monument.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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