La Tour de l’Horloge or le beffroi of Evreux!!

Another wonderful monument in Evreux, dept 27 of the Eure in the Normandie region of my belle France. I had this minimally mentioned in another post and decided to split the old post into the wonderful monuments you can see in this nice layback Norman town. Therefore, here is my brief take on the Clock tower or Belfry of Evreux.

The Clock Tower or the belfry located not far from the city/town hall of Évreux. Flamboyant Gothic style, the Clock Tower is 44 meters high, it houses a staircase of 140 steps and has undergone many changes, especially in the 19C. From its summit, signals were exchanged with the castle and there are traces of the presence of lookouts and small artillery.

Evreux beffroi city center jan11

From 1512, the Clock Tower was fortified and a wall connected it to the castle, relayed in 1590 by an underground  tunnel. From 1624 to the 19C, it served as a storage for powder, saltpetre and ammunition; thus, it marked the opening and closing times for a long time of the markets and, from 1803 to 1839, sounded not only the carillon, but also the knell in the event of death,  and the tocsin (a cord fixed to the Louyse was activated in the event of fire, the presence of enemies or for any another form of alert). In 1864, a judge declared that legal time in town was that of the municipal clock tower ,and not that of the cathedral or Saint-Taurin. In 1939, the tocsin was replaced by a siren.

Located on the banks of the Iton river, the source of life for ther city since  aAntiquity.  The Clock Tower is lit with different shades of blue, evoking water and its slight movements. If until then the Clock Tower was lit by 6 external projectors, located on the periphery of the monument, the majority of the light points are now placed on the structure, creating a warm light, as if the Clock Tower were inhabited and regained its original function of watchtower, protector of the city.

The city of Evreux on the clock tower

The Evreux tourist office on its heritage

There you go folks, a dandy monument to visit and close to all the major attractions listed in my posts on Evreux. The Clock Tower or Belfry is worth the detour. Hope you enjoy the brief post on this wonderful monument.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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