Curiosities of La Rochelle

And to my surprise many written on La Rochelle but the beautiful carrousels. Really, this needs more like a post of its own for the sake of credit when credit is due. The Carrousels of Place du Verdun and Quai Valin of La Rochelle; wonderful for all to enjoy them.  A wonderful thing to see in La Rochelle, and I will tell you a bit more of it now. Hope you enjoy it as I.

The ancestral merry-go-round in La Rochelle, The carrousel is one of the oldest in France. A sedentary carrousel, located on Place de Verdun, only adds charm to the town square. Alone or accompanied by other structures, during various events its reputation is well established. It is part of all celebrations and is highlighted during the Christmas market. Children and adults will be delighted to take a ride in this two-story carrousel, which is still very well preserved.


.It must be said that there are hardly any intact rides left from the end of the 19C and that among them, those of Auguste Bayol, a genius Angevin artist, are only two. One is in Vienna at the Prater, the other in La Rochelle. There are no fairground horses more beautiful than his. They are both realistic and magical, they escape from childhood tales and look at us with gentle and wild eyes… Created in 1883, it is today the oldest and complete carousel in France. Among Bayol’s favorite animals are the cat, the rooster, the swan, the pig and the donkey…Sublime!

Go to the square Valin, by Quai Valin on the old port, to admire of another carrousel . In the center, a 52-key cardboard organ transformed at the beginning of the 20C. Until the years 1935-1940, the carousel turned with a horse. The lighting was originally with kerosene lamps.  It has been installed at this location since 1975.

The statue of Admiral Duperré stands at the foot of the Porte de la Grosse Horloge (see post), at the beginning of the Quai Duperré. Admiral Duperré or Victor Guy Duperré. He commanded the French fleet when Algiers was captured in 1830. Sailor of the French Empire and Minister of the Navy, born in La Rochelle on February 20, 1775.Quai Duperré offers a pleasant walk on the site of the old port, punctuated by shops, cafes and restaurants.


The La Rochelle tourist office on the square Valin and Carroussel in the Vieux Port :

There you go folks, another dandy things to see in wonderful La Rochelle. The vieux port or old harbor is sublime and the carrousels are just magical for the whole family and even some older folks….we love them. Enjoy it without moderation!!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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