Sentimental Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône!!

I have not mentioned this town, maybe briefly , it has a huge sentimental value to me, perhaps not a tourist spot but could be an off the beaten path for many. My experiences here were sad, it was here that my dear late mother Gladys was cremated afterward taken her ashes at sea in Honfleur, Normandie. I like to pay a small tribute to her and remember in my blog this special place. Please bear with me ,thanks

The town of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône is in the department 95 of Val-d’Oise, part of the urban community of Cergy-Pontoise and located on the banks of the Oise river. This is in the ïle de France region of my belle France, The main road and where all the happening are is the Rue du Général-Leclerc, located in the extension of the pont de Pontoise bridge, the traditional shopping street and the busiest artery of the city.

We have decided to be cremated all, as « Cremation responds to a need related to the context of great mobility and geographic breakdown of families » This is a true statement specially for us now spread with family all over. My dear late wife Martine went this way, and my father and I are waiting to join them this way , all at Honfleur, Normandie, where the braves landed.

Saint Ouen L'Aumône (95) crematorium de mima jan08

The town of Saint Ouen l’Aumône is cross by several roads such as the old RN14 Paris-Rouen, which has become the RD 14. And I took so many times on my work duties, and even on a visit of Rouen, The road is less use since the A15 highway, crossing the territory of the town at the southern limit, on the same parallel axis and in the same direction as the national road. In the north-south axis, the city is crossed by the RD 922, which, later, also, was supplanted by the Francilienne (N104) , allowing to reach Roissy-en-France and the international airport Charles-de-Gaulle. It also connects the A1 highways to the A16, A15, A13 and A12. The A16 highway and the national road N104 provide access to Beauvais airport.

As far as trains it is also well representative although never taken them by me here. The town of Saint Ouen l’Aumône is served by lines H (gare du Nord) and J, gare St Lazare) of Paris as well as by RER C. The town has five train stations ,which coming from Pontoise are:Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône in the center and Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône – Liesse, served by Transilien line H and RER line C; the stops at Épluches and Pont-Petit, located on the Pontoise to Creil line, served by Transilien line H; and the Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône – Quartier de l’Eglise, served by line J of the Transilien.

Some of the things to see here if coming for visiting and might be worth the detour with good connections from Paris are :
The Maubuisson Abbey, avenue Richard-de-Tour; Cistercian abbey founded in 1236 by Blanche de Castille. The tithe barn, the vaulted chapter house, a large parlor, latrines, and the nuns’ room remain. The abbey now houses the contemporary art site of the Val d’Oise Departmental Council, as well as the Departmental Archeology Service. The surrounding tower at rue Alexandre Prachay. It is more commonly known as the “Tour des Bourseaux”. It is the only remaining tower of the enclosure that surrounded the abbey. The Chateau de Maubuisson, on the grounds of Maubuisson Abbey: This 17C building is the former guest house of the abbey. Home of the chocolatier Guérin-Boutron at the beginning of the 20C, the castle is now occupied by the Rothschild Foundation The Grange aux Dîmes, avenue Richard-de-Tour, is an annex of the abbey and was built in 1240.

The dovecote, avenue de Verdun is cylindrical in shape and dates from the first half of the 17C. A steeple crowns the pepperbox roof. The interior contains approximately 1,800 putlogs for as many pairs of pigeons, The chapel of Saint-Jean-Baptiste d’Épluches, rue de la Chapelle The chapel dates back to the 16C and may have been built in context with the Château d’Épluches, which is contemporary with it. It was restored in 1879, The Saint-Ouen Church, avenue de Verdun succeeds a chapel, which was built at the end of the 7C or the beginning of the 8C to commemorate the passage of the funeral procession of Saint Ouen towards his episcopal city of Rouen, in 686.

A bit of history tell us that at Aumône, district of the Saint-Lazare leper area in the 12C, located under the current Sainte-Marie clinic, opposite the current Clos du Roy, former resort building of kings, in particular Louis IX dit Saint Louis and Henry IV, during their visits to the abbey, which has since disappeared. However, from this date and until the 18C, this territory was referred to as Maubuisson. But in fact the village, politically and militarily dependent on Pontoise, lives off the economic and medical activity deployed by the nuns around Maubuisson Abbey, founded by Blanche de Castille under the name of Royal Abbey Notre-Dame-la- Royal. The last lord of Epluches was during the French revolution, Antoine André Michel Savarin de Marestan, captain of cavalry, former musketeer of the king. Despite his past as a former lord of Epluches and cavalier in the king’s household, he became commander of the national guard of Saint-Ouen l’Aumône during the French revolution and renounced his titles of nobility. The latter, who had then accompanied King Louis XVIII during his exile in Ghent during the hundred days of Napoleon I’s return to Paris, received in return from the monarch the authorization to raise the title of Baron de Marestan. He will sell his castle of Epluches to Jean Baptiste Louis Desavenelle de Grand-Maison who will be elected mayor of Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône later.

Hope you can understand the post. It brings peace to my mind knowing all my life’s history and my love ones are in my blog, It still might be worth it to see Saint Ouen l’Aumône !

The official Val d’Oise et Parc Memorial Crematorium of Saint Ouen l’Aumône

The city of Saint Ouen l’Aumône on the crematorium

The Agglo metro area of Cergy Pontoise on St Ouen l’Aumône

There you go folks, another dandy spot in my belle France. It is all here in my blog for me, get to know me well I like to do the same ; today more than ever humanity must stand together.  And rememberr, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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