Marly-le-Roi and Louveciennes!!! 

Ok so for lack of a better heading ,just give you the town. Lots of history here, and lots of memories visiting and riding once living in Versailles. It has been a while and perhaps nostalgic will bring out more in my black and white series,no pictures. This have written a post before on the museum, like to tell you more on Marly le Roi, the Yvelines dept 78, Ïle de France region of my belle France.

Here once upon a time there was the idea a aqueduct to feed the waters of the Palace of Versailles and the town became an impressionnist painters’ heaven. This is Marly-le-Roi. I passed by it often and even visited friends at Marly-le-Roi. Not to mention walked these places of history and beautiful quaint villages/towns. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Marly le Roi it’s name bring us back to Louis XIV, the palace destroyed in the 19C but its charm continues in its garden/park in this old village. You need to come to Marly le Roi like the king did from its grille royal gate on the side of the town of Louveciennes (see post). There is a nice museum des promenades where they have a nice model of the old palace, as well as the machine de Marly that makes this stop a must. After you can walk in the park with beautiful reminders of its glory, such as sculptures, pieces of architecture, and the trough that has been renovated and in which you find the chevaux de Marly horses, two sculptures by Coustou where the originals are kept in the Louvre museum.

You leave the park by the pavillon des gardes to reach city center that has preserves its old village ambiance and narrow street, some with cobblestones I say. The Grande Rue is the main artery bordered with typical houses where the winegrowers lived, but also the craftman and nobility.

You can see at No 14 a decorator tapestry maker, around the Grande Rue you can see beautiful mansions from the 18C especially the old royal kennel today ,the hotel de ville surrounded by one of the first landscaping gardens of France. The Hôtel Couvé with a beautiful balcony in forge iron. Taking the rue Champflour, you take a road going up to the middle ages of Marly Bourg or city center to Marly le Châtel stop at no 1 this house belonged to Alexandre Dumas.

The machine de Marly at Bougival (see post) were to feed the basins of the palace of Versailles with a huge pump that would have pushed the water up 160 meters to the hill. It was totally dismantled in 1967 unfortunately, only remained the vapor machine in a neo classic building.

The village of Louveciennes or the town of the seven castles ! You can see them taken the liason verte a promenade of about 6 km passing thru parks allys, and old streets to Belle Epoque castles. Also, several buildings of Madame du Barry. The best start is at the museum of promenades and see nearby the Domaine de la Châtaigneraie where is the old home of marshal Joffre as well as the mausoleum where he is buried. Follow up with the Château du Pont 12C see the bridge and pigeon doves, Continue to the Château de Louveciennes and then that of the Château de Beauséjour (the city hall), take the rue de la Machine at the lower end of the promenade de la Machine to see the old foundry where Renoir lived and the Pavillion des Eaux the home of the inventor with the rare remains of the machine de Marly ! This building was lived by the natural sons of Louis XIV and Madame de Montespan and later Madame du Barry. The music pavilion of the later is very nice.

The city of Marly le Roi on its heritage:

The city of Louveciennes on its heritage:

The Seine St Germain en Laye local tourist office on Marly le Roi:

The Seine St Germain en Laye local tourist office on Louveciennes:

There you go folks, a historical wonderful area we love from our former hunting ground. The area of Marly le Roi and Louveciennes is tops to visit and to live, and you should enjoy it all surrounded by lush surrounding in noble French traditions. Hope you enjoy it as I with wonderful memories of always.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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