A bit of Montrésor!

Well when you are on the road as I am still you get to see lots of towns villages, cities all over my belle France. Some I stayed, others passed by and others come back. The case is while getting on my way to see the castles of the Loire valley, and going to see Loches (see post), I stumbled upon Montrésor or my treasure! This is one I passed by this time, and I will be back! For now, here is a bit of Montrésor. Hope you enjoy it as I.

Montrésor is a town in the department of Indre-et-Loire 37 and in the Centre-Val de Loire region. Its history is largely intertwined with that of its castle, built at the beginning of the 11C at the end of a rocky outcrop overlooking the Indrois valley and several times rebuilt or remodeled since. Montrésor is located approximately 47 km from Tours, 17 km from Loches, and 28 km from Valençay, The most important road is the D 760 which, coming from Loches, (our way) crosses the town of Montrésor where, under the name of D 960, it joins Valençay, You can come to Loches on the D 943 Tours-Châteauroux or to Valençay on the D 956 Blois -Chateauroux roads (see posts).

The history of Montrésor begins with the first mentions of the fief in the texts. Thus in 887, a lord of Montrésor was part of the escort which, accompanied the relics of Saint Martin on their return from Auxerre, where they were sheltered from Norman raids. It is to Foulques Nerra that the construction of the first fortress of Montrésor is also attributed, of which almost no remains are left, Montrésor then came into the hands of Henry II of England, also Count of Anjou, but the lordship was taken over by Philippe Auguste in 1188 for France, It was in this castle that in 1433 Georges I of La Trémoille was imprisoned, a former favorite of Charles VII who fell into disgrace with the king and was captured by Jean V de Bueil, successor to his father Jean IV at the head of the lordhip of Montrésor,

In the 17C, the lordship of Montrésor passed from hand to hand and from house to house. When it was seized as national property in May 1792, during the French revolution, the Château de Montrésor was the joint property of several members of the Beauvilliers family, However, a friend of the Bonaparte family was a Polish emigrant who left his native country in 1844 after a career in the army of Tsar Nicolas I. It was in fact his mother, Rose Branicka, heiress of the Potocki family, who bought for his eldest son condemned in absentia by the Russians to Siberian exile, the Château de Montrésor and some 2,000 hectares of surrounding land, The Château de Montrésor continues to be inhabited by descendants of the Branicki family, by marriage the Polish noble family of Rey, themselves descendants of the chronicler and poet, Mikołaj Rey .This family, who still own it, live in a part of the castle that is almost completely open to the public.


Some other things to see here of note me think are the Collegiate Church of Saint-Jean-Baptiste founded in 1521, The Logis du Chancelier a private mansion built in 1581, below the castle on which it depended, In 2015 it was the seat of the city/ town hall of Montrésor, but since 1860 and until 1993, the building housed the gendarmerie or state police, The Halle aux Laines or wool built in the 17C, this hall surmounted by an attic floor recalls by its name the work of wool which was an important economic activity of the village until the 19C.  A wooden house from the 15C directly above the castle, on the edge of the street that runs below, leaning against the hillside, this two-story house is distinguished by its gable walls and half-timbered gutters.

The official Château de Montrésorhttps://chateaudemontresor.com/le-chateau/la-forteresse-medievale/

The town of Montrésor on its heritagehttps://www.montresor.fr/decouvrir/que-voir/

The Touraine Valley local tourist office on Montrésorhttps://www.touraineloirevalley.co.uk/montresor-france/

There you go folks, a nice find, and will be back as said. Another nice castle in the immense répertoire of the Loire Valley, Montrésor. Again, hope you enjoy the post as I

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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