The Ukranian memorial of Curitiba!!

A wonderful city of great happy memories that was Curitiba, State of Paranà in Brazil. I happened to be sent there as an expat and even was offered a permanent job that the other half rejected but I had a great time there. I am relieving these wonderful moments and on this one is all new text with an older picture. Let me tell you a bit on the Ukraniam Memorial of Curitiba!!! Hope you enjoy as I!

Inside the ​​Parque Tingüi, located at Rua Dr Mba de Ferrante s/n, the visitor finds, at the entrance, the portal and, further on, the replica of the old chapel of São Miguel, in Serra do Tigre, a town in Mallet-Pr ,Ukraine, with its golden dome , built in wood, in Byzantine style, where there is a permanent exhibition of pêssankas (hand-painted eggs), icons and embroidery. Beside the chapel is the bell tower, which symbolizes integration into the new land and the importance of religion as a maintainence of cultural unity. A souvenir shop is located in a typical house of Ukrainian architecture, where handcrafted products are sold ,Folklore demonstrations and typical ethnic festivities take place with support from the Cultural Foundation of Curitiba and the Ukrainian community: Bênção dos Alimentos (sales of foodies on the Saturday of Alleluia), the National Day of Ukraine (in August), the Feast of the Harvest (in October) and the Feast of St. Nicholas (in November).

curitiba mem ucraniano 2008

It was inaugurated on October 26, 1995, in honor of the centenary of the arrival of immigrants from Ukraine. The Memorial, is a tribute to the contribution of these people to the state’s culture. Eight Ukrainian families arrived in Paraná in 1891, settling in the Santa Bárbara Colony, between Palmeira and Ponta Grossa, but it was only after 1895 that the large waves of immigrants settled in the outskirts of Curitiba and, later, in Prudentópolis and Marshal Mallet. It is estimated that by 1914 about 45 thousand Ukrainian immigrants had arrived in Paraná. The main monument of the Memorial is the replica of the Ukrainian Church of Saint Michael, in Serra do Tigre ,town of Mallet, one of the oldest in the country.

The official Ukranian portal on the memorial

The Curitiba tourist office on the Ukranian Memorial:

There you go folks, another dandy monument of Curitiba, great architecture and even better history; I love it. Hope you have enjoy this post as the others of this international city of Curitiba! And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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