The Parque Tanguà of Curitiba!!

And I bring you south to Brazil, that is and the biggest country there, which lucky enough to have been visiting since 1992, and as latest as 2018; even had the opportunity to lived in Curitiba on a job assignment back in 2008. I lived in Curitiba and it was superb! I have several posts on the city, and feels this park needs a post of its own, Let me tell you a bit on the Parque Tanguà of Curitiba!!! in the State of Paranà, Brazil!

Tanguá Park is one of the main parks in the city of Curitiba, capital of the Brazilian state of Paraná. It is located  at Rua Oswaldo Maciel, 97 – Pilarzinhoin the northern region of the city, in the barrios Pilarzinho and Taboão. It was founded on November 23, 1996 and built where there were two quarries, deactivated since then. It occupies an area of 235,000 m², and serves a function of preservation of the northern basin of the Barigui river, quite close to the town of Almirante Tamandaré.

Curitiba parque Tangua main entr 2008

In the old quarries of the Gava family ; that’s why the unusual geography of the Parque Tanguá , The park is divided into two parts. At the top are the gazebo and the gardens. At the bottom there are lakes, hiking trails, an artificial waterfall and a rock tunnel that is 65 meters high, It, also, has towers that give the visitor a panoramic view of the city. The Parque Tanguá has a semi-circle lookout that provides a beautiful view of the city and an even more special view of the sunset. This lookout is on top of a stone wall of an old quarry. If you want, you can even cross the quarry through a 45-meter long tunnel, on a walkway over the water, just schedule the visit. It is equipped with anchorage, bike trails, track and field courses, cafeteria and two parking lots for cars; one in the lower area and the other in the upper area. In the upper area is the garden Poty Lazzarotto, inaugurated on June 6, 1998 . Its name is in homage to the local artist Poty Lazzarotto. I have to say it was my favorite park!

curitiba parque tangua to city 2008

curitiba parque tangua waterfall 2008

I say it is worth it for the whole family, especially for: Visit the Poty Lazzarotto Garden (entrance via R. Oswaldo Maciel), observing its French style with flower beds and water features; go through a tunnel that passes through a rock that joins two lakes, 45 meters long, observing the beautiful scenery around; have a picnic or barbecue using the local infrastructure (kiosks, barbecue grills, etc.) and walking and/or running along the trails/tracks in the park, admiring nature. Sublime!

curitiba parque tangua tunnel lake 2008

The Curitiba Paranà guide on Parque Tanguà

The Curitiba Paranà govt tourism on Parque Tanguà

The city of Curitiba on Parque Tanguà

There you go folks , a very nice parks good for the whole family and where the whole city of Curitiba meets. I had many opportunities to see my co workers here on weekends for further chats and got to know their families in a friendly typical Brazilian way. The Parque Tanguà was it on weekends, just great memories forever always in my heart. I hope one day to be back to Curitiba. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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