The rue de Castiglione of Paris!!!

This is a short grand street of my eternal Paris. I have written before but have new text with older new pictures found. This is the street I worked for several years while in the deluxe hotel management business. Let me tell you about the rue de Castiglione of Paris!!!

The rue de Castiglione is a street full of wonders architecturally,historically, and as said personal with still many friends there who are in touch. The street starts at the rue de Rivoli side with the wonderful Jardin des Tuileries and goes to the rue Saint Honoré just before the Place Vendôme.It is located in the neighborhood or quartier Place Vendôme and the 1er district or arrondissement of Paris.


The story goes of the fame of this street that one fine day in 1896, a light operator transported his enormous camera to this famous rue de Castiglione.  The perspective, with its depth of field, were then perceived as essential elements to reinforce the illusion of reality of the cinematograph . But in reality, what changed rue de Castiglione when in 1972 and 1986, a lover of the Lumière brothers chose to reproduce this view identically!

Since then, the rue de Castiglione has displayed incomparable luxury. Gone are the unusual days of Salvador Dali firing pistols and running herds of goats in the halls of the establishment. And the Vendôme column, now appearing as the essential and symbolic decoration of this so upscale neighborhood.


This was the old passage des Feuillants. The Benedictine monks of the Feuillants convent improved their ordinary life by renting investment houses (some still exist between numbers 235 and 229 rue Saint-Honoré). In 1791, the Club des Feuillants had established itself in the convent: there were good people there, dissidents of the Jacobins to follow the theories of La Fayette, Bailly, Sieyès or Talleyrand.

One good reason to be there, see my posts. The Paris tourist office on the Westin Vendôme

There you go folks, short and sassy on a wonderful street of Paris, my street for several years which I enjoyed fully and do so again when in Paris. Hope you like this brief walk in my rue de Castiglione ,old hangout with many memories ; the walk is short, the memories are long. This is my eternal Paris and lucky to see it often still today.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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4 Comments to “The rue de Castiglione of Paris!!!”

  1. I was there again last night, still the beautiful holiday decorations!

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  2. France seems to have a good grasp on maintaining older building structures. I don’t see any modern buildings here.

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