The Place Raoul Dautry of Paris!!!

These are just a new thingy that I am into streets of Paris. Well no place better than to write about the streets of Paris than on places where you have spent a good part of your life. I used to work for several years in this part of my eternal Paris and made many merchants friends over the years some gone other still there, no opportunity is enough when coming now to Paris by Montparnasse to stop by for a meal or drink or even a last minute item for a shop before heading back to my Morbihan Breton!

As I am in my old work neighborhood and needed to come in and out of the gare Montparnasse (see post), another dandy street was/is the Place Raoul Dautry, a squares that I enjoyed for long time and still do when visiting the city.


The place Raoul-Dautry is a small square of the Necker quartier or neighborhood in the 15éme arrondissement or district of Paris. It is at the junction of bd Vaugirard and Avenue du Maine. The square serves as a terminus for three bus lines  92, 94 and 96, and a breakpoint for two others lines 91 and 95. This square was created in 1965 during the reconstruction of the new Gare Montparnasse. It is located on the odd numbers side of the Boulevard de Vaugirard with the even numbers side on the  Avenue du Maine. The rue du Départ ,and the rue de l’Arrivée also lead to this square. This fully paved square is located at the foot of the Montparnasse tower and in front of the main entrance Porte Océane of the new  Gare Montparnasse. And my favorite entrance to the train station. Its name comes from Raoul Dautry , a railway engineer who lived in the first half of the 20C and who held several ministerial posts before and after WWII.

Paris gare montparnasse ent from Place Raoul Dautry oct14

Places of interest in htis area in my opinion! :  The cinema of Bretagne/Brittany, almost on the square. The real estate ensemble buildings include the  tour Maine-Montparnasse, including the Montparnasse Tower, the building C often designated by the acronym CIT (for International textile Center) and the building D or tour Express, all three built on the site of the old train station Montparnasse. Located at the base of the building complex in the  tour Maine-Montparnasse, the shopping center Montparnasse Rive Gauche ( 10 Rue du Départ ) and, within it, the department store Galeries Lafayette Montparnasse.  One of the Wallace fountains in the neighborhood.

The Gare Montparnasse my TGV connection to from Bretagne:

The Paris tourist office on the gare Montparnasse:

There you go folks a nice open area of Paris seldom visited and needs to be visited more. My Montparnasse by the train station of same name. Many nice souvenirs and still lucky to be able to pass by once in a while. Hope you enjoy the walks around Place Raoul Dautry, my part of eternal Paris.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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