Château de Versailles :Salon de Mars !!!

And why not come on in to the Palace/Museum of Versailles. Let me update this post on one of the beautiful rooms inside. This is a place that needs no introduction, as it is world famous, and lately crowded.  Unfortunately, 98% of visitors only go to the palace/museum and missed on a lot to see in the city of Versailles. I am making my humble apport to change all that a bit. Hope you enjoy the post as I.

Nevertheless, the fame is such that I need to showcase some areas of it that I think merits more from the palace/museum better known as the Château de Versailles. And more as the Domaine de Versailles if we includes the vast park of which you find the trianons, farm, orangerie, and vast gardens on either side of the Grand Canal! I like to take just one room I like that is the Mars room or Salon de Mars! Picture below view from it to the garden!


The Salon de Mars is a room of the Château de Versailles, and part of the King’s Great Apartments, this room decorated with the theme of Mars, the god of Roman mythology, served as the Hall of the Guards of the time of king Louis XIV.

A bit of history I like

The Salon de Mars, which follows the salons of Venus and Diane,(see posts) was a function of the guard hall. It marked the real entrance to the King’s apartment, giving access to the salon de Mercure (see post). At the apartment evenings get together were arranged by king Louis XIV, the Mars room was first devoted to games. There were several tables for card games and other games of chance. Around 1685, the king pierced the two walls on either side of the chimney and arranged two grandstands supported by columns for the musicians (Italian musicians see post). The Mars room is then devoted to music and dance. King Louis XV made these grandstands disappear in 1750.

The wonderful Mars room is elaborate decorated and just plain gorgeous a must to see. As the function of the Mars room imposes, the iconography of the ceiling is devoted to the god Mars and to the works of warriors. A   gilded cornice is supported by helmets of all models such as Romans, Turks.etc. The central composition represents Mars on a chariot pull by wolves. It is framed by two other compositions, the victory sustained by Hercules followed by Abundance and Bliss and terror, fury and fright seize the powers of the Earth.  The paintings of the covings, in Camaïeu d’or, illustrate the achievements of great warriors of ancient history such as the vaults of Julius Caesar passing his legions in review, Cyrus haranguing his soldiers, and Demetrios Poliorcete taking a city by assault. The Triumph of Constantine, Marc Anthony rewards an officer,and Alexandre Severus, degrades an officer.


These shades are linked together by natural compositions forming a frieze representing warrior loves such as the spandrels, treated in bas-reliefs of gilded stucco, realized according to drawings of Le Brun and illustrate the military supremacy of France over the European powers: The Allegory of the victory of French troops on the Turks during the Battle of the Saint Gotthard, allegory of French supremacy on the sea, allegory of the supremacy of France over Spain and Holland and allegory of France’s supremacy over the Empire.


Again is part of the itinerary of seeing the palace/museum of Versailles, but it merits a bit of time to observe all the above. Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The official palace/museum of Versailles on the King’s Grand Apartments including the Salon de Mars

The city of Versailles tourist office on information desks in town

The city of Versailles on the palace/museum

There you go folks, a beautiful Mars ‘ room or Salon de Mars. One of the must to see inside the Château de Versailles, and do come early the world is already there! Again ,hope you enjoy the post as I.  And remember happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!

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