Walt Disney Studios Paris, we are back!!!

And indeed my boys convince me to be back. After so many trips lost count to the Orlando property and two times in Disneyland Paris, we were back. A bit short on personnel , two dear women missing but we were back along with our dog Rex for the first time!!! Disneyland can be repeated but always magical once in it and with family even better! We took a tour of been with the family for more serious matters (see post) and then came to our hotel, and Disney Village, ,and the Disneyland Parc (see post) before finally hitting the Walt Disney Studios Paris. Here is a brief of our stay as too much to cover in one post and too many pictures!!! Hope you enjoy it as we!

Well where can I start! We were staying in a Disney hotel (see post) so we had the magic card that allows you to go in first at 8h30 when the rest come in at 9h30. However, this is a gimmick in my opinion because most of the rides if not all starts at 10h; no need to walk around for over an hour and not able to get on a ride!!! It goes without saying that if I have the priviledge of entering earlier as staying in a Disney hotel I should be able to get on the rides first too! So enouth of my rant lol!!

The walks and rides, and eateries were tops of course, and we really enjoyed it . I took the sacrifice of staying with my Dad on his wheelchair and my boys got on the rides. My other boy Rex stayed very nicely well behave in the hotel!!

We started by the entrance from the parking and then after visiting the Disneyland parc we came over to the Walt Disney Studios Parc. Therefore, this post is on Walt Disney Studios Paris!!!



Well, this is another nice park and only thing to remember this time at least was closing at 18h while the Disneyland parc closes at 20h. We tried to do the reverse so we could see quicker but no avail the boys got me going from one park to the other lol!! Luckily my Dad was on the rental wheelchair at 25 euros per day and a guarantee posted of 200 euros in case of damage. All went smooth except the pickup and deposit place is by Main Street and very far from the parking so we needed to do the round trip twice to get my Dad; this is not mobility impaired friendly as they claim!

We got in by the Hollywood blvd main street full of shops and restaurants very nicely decorated , shining! we love this entrance! Here I have to say most rides are for younger children as I was not into them. Either way… my boys drag me all over and mostly did shopping here.


The only ride they did here was the Crush Coaster turtle roller coaster in the middle of an aquarium very nice indeed.



There is always the celebrated Hollywood towers, and the Lego playground that is nice even if for younger children, nevertheless it is nice.



Finally, we love the Ratatouille district so French , lol! We love the shopping here and had our croissants et chocolat chaud!! Nice way to end your day at the Walt Disney Studios.



The official Disneyland Paris webpage on the Walt Disney Studios parkhttps://www.disneylandparis.com/en-gb/destinations/walt-disney-studios-park/

There you go folks, another dandy in my belle France. This park beyond even my expectations is the No 1 visited park in France and Europe!! We saw the world here and its just beginning to kick out! Walt Disney Studios Parc is a must while in France ,again especially if with young children . We will be back!! Hope you enjoy the post.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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