What about those transit airports!

Well I have to update the links on this older post talking about my transfer airports in my travels around the world.It was intended as a memorable post to remind me of the places I have gone thru especially going to Asia. Hope you enjoy this post on the transit airports!

Often in my travels I have to go thru some exotic airports never been there, not planned to be there , but need to go thru on our crazy airline scheduling of today’s air transportation schèmes.  I usually buried them in some of my blog posts going to more steady places in our world ,and that is it. However, it has become so common to use them lately that I thought of mentioning in my blog on a permanent basis. It anything as a souvenir of me passing by them. Happy travels includes these airports. Therefore here they are briefly with some airport pictures taken in the past. Enjoy it,and do comment your experiences corresponding, transfering thru these please.

Dubai International Airport  is an airport in the United Arab Emirates, serving the city of Dubai and the largest in the country.  The airport has three terminals:  Terminal 1 (also known as Rashid Terminal Sheikh) . Hall C measures approximately 800 meters long and is connected to Terminal 1 (check-in area) by a 300-meters long underground tunnel (shuttle).  At present, nearly 100 airlines operate from this terminal. Terminal 1a the capacity to handle 40 million of passengers annually (Concourse C + D).  Terminal 2 is intended for charter flights and serves regional destinations.  Currently, some 50 airlines operate from this terminal.  Terminal 3 aspires to become the personified opulence. With its 1 500 000 m2 of floor space, it is one of the largest buildings in the world. Architecturally, it adopts the shape of an airplane wing and is a kilometer long. Terminal A, consisting of twenty boarding gates, is intended to accommodate only the A380s of Emirates Air. Its 15 000 m2 of commercial surface allowed to double the merchant space of the airport of Dubaï. It will have to adjust as the A380 are a phasing out breed! 

The webpage for the Dubai international airporthttps://www.dubaiairports.ae/

dubai UAE airport T3 arrivals

Dubai UAE airport T3 to gate C5 home

Hamad International Airport is the airport of Doha, capital city of Qatar. It has a Terminal 1 with  Concourse A has 10 passenger gates connected to jet bridges and is located west of the check-in area and Main Terminal. Two of the gates are designed to accommodate the  Airbus A380. Maybe will need adjustment as the A380 are a dying breed.  Concourse B has 10 passenger gates connected to jet bridges and is located east of the check-in area.  Two of the gates are built to accommodate the Airbus A380. There is a small coffee shop located at the end of Concourse B, as well as smoking rooms, family areas, and an express duty-free store.  Concourse C has 13 passenger gates connected to jet bridges, two of them built specifically for the Airbus A380. There are 10 remote gates without a fixed jet bridge link connected to Concourse C.  Concourse D Is fully operational. Gates 1–4 are on the first floor and Gates 20–24 on the ground floor.  Concourse E Is fully operational. Gates 1–4 are on the first floor and Gates 20–24 on the ground floor.  Concourse D & Concourse E are due to be extended with a possible Concourse F although plans are still to be finalised. Terminal 1 features First and Business Class lounges which were opened by Qatar Airways. Some articles say that terminal 2 is a confirmed project due to the anticipated passenger load from the  2022 FIFA World Cup of football/soccer.

The Doha international airport webpage: https://dohahamadairport.com/



Kuala Lumpur International airport  with head office in the Malaysia Airports Corporate Office in the Persiaran Korporat KLIA in the airport complex.  The airport KLIA is the result of a visionary strategy to meet the needs of new large aircraft and the traffic demand of the 21C.  It is located in the Sepang district of Selangor , approximately 45 km (28 mi) south of Kuala Lumpur city center and serves the Greater Klang Valley metro area.  The airport’s site spans 100 square kilometres (39 sq mi)  The airport is part of the KLIA Aeropolis, and is made up of two main terminals; the original Main Terminal Building and the new terminal 2, or also known as KLIA2. The KLIA Main Terminal Building (MTB) is located in between the two runways satellite building accommodates international flights departing and arriving at KLIA. Passengers have to travel to the satellite building via the Aerotrain. It is the largest purpose built terminal optimised for low cost carriers in response to the exponential growth of low cost travel in the region. It was built to replace the previous Low Cost Carrier Terminal (LCCT).

The Kuala Lumpur international airport webpage: https://airports.malaysiaairports.com.my/


Hong Kong International Airport is the regional airport (Special Administrative Region) of Hong Kong, now China near the island of Lantau, about 30 km from the city center. The international Airport is located on an artificial island born from the meeting of the two natural islands of Chep Lap Kok and Lam Chau, located just north of the island of Lantau the airport has two parallel tracks, each of a length of 3 800 meters and a width of 60 meters, which should allow them to host the next generation of aircraft. The South runway belongs to the “category II precision Approach”, while the north runway belongs to the upper category (“Category IIIA”), allowing pilots to land with only 200 meters of visibility.

The Hong Kong international airport webpage: https://www.hongkongairport.com/

hong kong airport T1 departures jan18

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport, is the name of the international airport of the City of Canton (Guangzhou, in the province of Guangdong) , China. This is a new airport, located 28 km from the city center  with only one runway in the city, in the District of Baiyun Mountain (white Cloud) and have a larger platform, able to accommodate greater traffic. It keeps the same name and codes as the old one. The airport is served by the Guangzhou Metro Line 3, airport South station which is the terminus.  There are 5 Airport Express bus lines and 6 Airport Non-stop lines to round-trip between airport and downtown. The terminal 1 has three components, Main Terminal, Area A and Area B. All check-in counters and most retail stores are placed at the Main Terminal. The two concourses controlled by individual security checkpoints, named Area A and Area B, are the boarding gates, security checkpoints, border control, custom & quarantine, baggage reclaim and relative facilities. Terminal 2, recently opened  with an area measuring over 600,000 square meters. When Terminal 2 officially operates, it will be typically home to China Southern Airlines. In addition, most of  SkyTeam member airlines will also typically operate in Terminal 2. There is , also, an airport express bus which comes in handy

The Guangzhou international airport unofficial but better shown webpage: https://www.guangzhouairportonline.com/



Guangzhou airport express bus oct13

One that I have used once for transfer within China was the Beijing Capital Inter Airport: The Beijing Capital International Airport is the main airport in Beijing , capital of the People’s Republic of China. Located about 20 km from the city center, in Chaoyang District, It was inaugurated on March 2, 1958, the date of its commissioning, the first commissioning of civil airports in China, The airport has three terminals: T1, T2 and T3. Terminal 1, the smallest and oldest of the three, is for Hainan Airlines domestic flights only. Terminal 2 is used for its domestic part by the Chinese companies China Southern, China Eastern as well as for the international flights of the other companies of the Skyteam alliance. Terminal 3, with an area of ​​98 hectares, is the largest airport terminal in the world. The airport is served by Beijing Metro’s Airport Express Line, which connects to Lines 2, 10 and 13 in City center/downtown. There is a newer airport not taken, the Beijing-Daxing International Airport, since September 25, 2019. The opening of the airport coincided with the closure of China’s first airport, Nanyuan Airport. It is located 46 km of city center/downtown Beijing in Daxing District.

The official Beijing Capital Airport : https://en.bcia.com.cn/

and for reference, the Beijing-Daxing inter airport : https://daxing-pkx-airport.com/

Beijing lei cafe in customs area across airport gates oct13

There you go brief I say, I have come to all of them on transfering to other countries or even within China.  I look forward to be back in the future or new ones to try, the quest for cheaper lines of air travel is on and not just families.

Hope you enjoy this brief encounter of the fourth kind and know the long journeys these changes entails. And remember , happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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