The market hall of Dourdan!

This is a town in the region around Paris or Ïle de France and in the department 91 of the Essonne. The town has quite impressive donjon and church as written before in my blog on the town of Dourdan. However, for some reason I skip telling you and me about the market hall or Halle of Dourdan. This is the time as any to have it in my blog. Hope you enjoy the brief tour.

The Halle de Dourdan at Place du Général-de-Gaulle with its impressive dimensions of 38 meters long and 14 meters wide! The first hall of Dourdan built in the 13C consisted of a vast wooden frame. It was enlarged in 1480 and 1486. In the 15C, a floor was added to it, where civil, judicial, feudal and forestry debates took place. This royal audience was transferred to the neighboring castle in the 18C. Until the 18C, there was a royal audience upstairs where civil, judicial, feudal and forest offences were judged. Due to its dilapidation it was decided in 1829 to demolish the halle and build a new one, the one you see today. They have kept a floor to recall this ancient use and, since then, it has not changed!

dourdan covered market pl du gen de gaulle aug11

The halle hosts the market twice a week, Wednesday and Saturday morning. You reach it from Paris on the RER C stop Dourdan and the market is about 7 min walking. Of course, I have come here by car from Versailles was less than 50 minutes.

The halle of Dourdan is an impressive stone structure very near the Church St Germain l’Auxerrois (see post) on the center of town with all amenities and a great place to walk around. One nice side trip we enjoyed it and do some real French shopping. When not shopping days, you can park your car inside too!

More in French on the town of Dourdan on the halle

The Dourdan tourist office on part of its heritage as the Halle in English:

There you and we love to go shopping in the markets here love it!!! The best of France!!! The one here in Dourdan is very nice and a historical structure. Hope you enjoy it and do come out on them, part of the thrill of visiting  my belle France!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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