Pont George V of Orléans!

This one escape telling  you all about it, tant pis. Or as the old saying better late than never. We have visited the wonderful historical city of Orléans and was very memorable walking its streets and the sights. Several posts on them in my blog. However, I missed this important bridge, the Pont George V of Orléans, and will gladly tell you about it now.

The nice historical pont George V is the oldest bridge in the city, built in 1751-1763 and runs for about 1,2 kms.  The Orleans Bridge, known as the Royal Bridge, then the National Bridge and, during WWI, the George-V Bridge, in honor of the King of England George V, is a masonry arched bridge crossing the Loire river in the Loiret department 45 of the Centre Val de Loire region of my belle France. It is located 1.2 km downstream from the René-Thinat bridge and 700 meters upstream from the Maréchal-Joffre bridge, in the axis of rue Royale on the right bank and avenue Dauphine on the left bank.

orleans pont George V over Loire to city aug07

The George V Bridge is composed of nine arches of unequal openings decreasing weakly from the center to the banks. The vaults are in the shape of a basket handle with five centers, the large radius of which is approximately 28 meters. When commissioned, the central arch measures about 32 meters in opening and those of the abutments, the smallest, 30 meters each. The total length was 325 meters between abutments, or 339 meters, including the thickness of the abutments. The width was about 15 meters from head to head. Two pavilions adorned the southern end. As a result of the destruction of several arches in WWII and their subsequent reconstruction, some dimensions have changed slightly.

The Pont George V bridge now has two lanes of traffic for cars, two lanes for tramways and a sidewalk. Tramway line A then runs from the Hôpital de la Source in the south to Jules-Verne station in the north and takes the George-V bridge. Of course, we rode on it just for the thrill! 

The city metro area of Orléans on the pont George Vhttps://www.orleans-metropole.fr/histoire-patrimoine/lieux-celebres/pont-george-v

The Orléans tourist office on the pont George Vhttps://www.tourisme-orleansmetropole.com/pont-georges-v/orleans/pcucen045v501hr6

There you go folks, a nice city structure with a long history and nicely done going over one of the emblematic rivers of my France, the Loire. Hope you enjoy the brief post and do see the Pont George V, worth the detour me think.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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