This is a mix post of old stories from other older posts and some new text to argument the presentation of Barceloneta beach in Barcelona, Spain. I have visited the city several times and have several posts on it, but feel this area of my antics deserve more. Therefore will dedicate on post to Barceloneta beach and one new pictures sort of telling you this is awesome party time especially at night. Hope you enjoy it as I do the memories.

Barceloneta is one of the most authentic and popular neighborhoods in Barcelona. Located in the Port Vell district, it is an old fishing area full of magic and history. The neighborhood is shaped like a triangle and is connected to the Olympic Port, the Ronda Litoral freeway and the seafront, including Barceloneta beach, Somorrostro beach, Sant Sebastia beach and Sant Miquel beach.

Barceloneta was practically uninhabited until the mid-18C. In 1754,fishermen living in neighboring areas slowly but surely began to populate this part of town due to its closeness to the sea. Although La Barceloneta has been renovated and is now rather modern, it has somehow maintained its unique charm. The neighborhood is packed withnarrow alleyways that are flanked on both sides by old buildings, churches, stores and restaurants that look just as they did 200 years ago.

Some things worth visiting here are, the Museu d’Historia de Catalunya or history museum of Catalonia, and the Barcelona’s clock tower, which was formerly built as a lighthouse in 1772 and is nowadays the oldest structure in La Barceloneta. You can take the cable car from Barceloneta beach to get to the Miramar gardens viewpoint and enjoy stunning views of the port. A few feet from La Barceloneta is Port Vell, where you can do a bit of shopping in the Maremagnum shopping center, see a movie in the IMAX Theatre or visit Barcelona’s remarkable Aquarium.

I always come here taking a taxi from the hotel I am staying but the metro line 4 stop Barceloneta is an option.

The Barceloneta bordering the old Port (port Vell see post) of the city has undergone significant changes since the creation of the Vila Olimpica for the Games of 1992, with its twin towers of the Torre Mapfre and the Hotel Arts.  Going around the layout of the beach, bordered by a casino, restaurants, private clubs, luxury hotels ,and bars.

My thing was not about to end the night, so I went to the Casino de Barcelona, for a look at slots machines that I did go last back in Atlantic City ,New Jersey ,USA!!! The casino is nearby at the Port Olympic, but we took a taxi to get here for about 15 euros. We went around checking out all the machines, and table games, the restaurant /bar in lower level. casino webpage:

And finally went out into into the late night searching for more thrills and events;;;;; walking around it we cave in to a wonderful place where you go down a stair of tall wooden men like Egyptian or Indian statues into the lower floor , tables and couch awaits you ,where you can take off your shoes and go into a sofa style bedding/table awaits for your drinks and be merry life full ahead, massages available extra. We stumbled into the Carpe Diem Lounge Club describe above or the CDLC, a wonderful place Worth coming back for it. Portos away and classy beautiful sights and looks! webpage:


The city of Barcelona on Barceloneta beach

The Barcelona tourist office on Barceloneta beach

And there you go folks another face of Barcelona, not too many pictures as could not too busy having fun, but with the mobile phone did took one out for the memories and this post. From me to you, enjoy Barceloneta beach and again at night is better…

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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