Hôtel du Cheval Rouge, Versailles!

And after a bit of a road warrior trip will bring you back to my beloved Versailles, a city so dear and close to me. No need to tell you more  ,just read my blog. Today, I will update a memorable spot even if not on the tourist tour of the palace; this is real city of Versailles. Therefore, let me tell you a bit more on the Hôtel du Cheval Rouge!

I seldom write about a particular hotel unless in the body of a travel visit but never alone. This time I will make an exception because its quant historical and darn right good. There is a history.  I like to tell you about the Hôtel du Cheval Rouge of Versailles. It is a sentimental favorite and we have even visited later on without staying when we lived in Versailles just for the memories. This is the first and only hotel we have stayed in Versailles as visitors way back in 2000, before moving permanently to France in 2003. And behold, we end up living there not far from it!! I guess we like the neighborhood…Notre Dame!!!


The building was built in 1676,was then used by  king Louis XIV as his livery and storeroom. From that time on, the hotel was able to maintain the tradition of the inn where it is good to rest. Ideally located in the cross-aisle of a very busy market place Notre-Dame precisely at 18 Rue André Chernier, only 5 min walk from the palace/museum, the hotel surprises by its calm.

To the endorsement of this tranquility also illustrated by the hotel garden, the comfort of its rooms and the breakfast room. There are eight recently renovated family rooms and other furnished studios; As for the double rooms, the classics have a shower room, the superior ones, more spacious, a bathtub. All have satellite TV and a Wifi connection. And free parking inside!

versailles hotel cheval rouge jan2011

It is the perfect spot to see the best of Versailles not just the palace/museum but the wonderful Notre Dame market, the Lambinet museum, menus-plaisirs, madame du Barry stables, the grande and petite ecuries, the grand commun, and much more of wonderful royal beautiful Versailles.

Have a great stay here and why not, do the inverse of what most do, stay here and visit Paris! Hotel du Cheval Rouge (yes Red Horse Hotel)  is great, friendly, historical, and has lots of souvenirs of my family as well. Recommended of course.

The official Hôtel du Cheval Rouge webpage: https://www.chevalrougeversailles.fr/en/

The Versailles tourist office on the Hôtel du Cheval Rougehttps://en.versailles-tourisme.com/hotel-du-cheval-rouge.html?origine=switchLangue

Hoping you will have a great stay or had one already ,and hope you have enjoy and come to this jewel property of the city of Versailles. 

And remember ,happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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