Foro della Pace in Rome!

And here taken you back to my Europe and historical Italy. I am updating this pretty post for you and me and hope you enjoy it as I. This is , I would dare say, an off the beaten path sight in the eternal Rome! Enjoy the Foro della Pace or Peace Forum of Rome!

As I told you, we go to a city by plane car or train and then we walk all over , staying above ground. In my opinion, the best way to see a city and its monuments. No different in Italy and especially Rome!

The Forum of Peace (Foro della Pace) is the third of the Imperial forums. The term peace did not have the same meaning as it may have in the 21C; it was the peace imposed by the Emperor of Rome or Pax Romana eventually imposed by the arms. Vespasian ,Imperator Cæsar Vespasianus Augustus had also built it, between 71 and 75, to commemorate his victory over the Jews of Judea.


It is a monumental ensemble of 145 meters over 85 meters, surrounded by a wall of walls on three sides and a large portico with columns on the fourth side. It was built to the east of the Nerva Forum, at the site of the former Macellum burned down in 64.

On the site of the Forum of Peace you could find,  the Temple of Peace at about 34 meters by 22 meters, which contained the treasure recovered during the capture of the second temple of Jerusalem and many other works of art. The library of the Forum of Peace (tabularium) which contained the archives of the urban Prefecture, the cadastral plans and a series of documents concerning the work of the world, notably under Vespasian and Septime Severa, as well as a very large number of the works of the doctor Galen. The famous Forma Urbis , a marble cadastral plan of Rome, new edition supplemented and updated the plan of Agrippa, executed in 73, and destroyed during the great fire of 191 or 192. There is also, a nice garden. The location of the Forum of Peace in modern Rome is located in the space between Via Cavour , corner with the Via dei Fori Imperiali and between the Colosseum, and the Monument to Vittorio Emanuelle II.


As we were walking ,it was not hard to by pass this Foro della Pace on your left side coming from the Colosseo or Coliseum. Great walk and plenty to eat ok in this area in off the beaten path restos especially on the Via Cavour side.

This wordpress blog Fori Imperiali has plenty of information on the Foro della Pace it in Italian:

Another private site Romanoimpero with lots of info on Rome and the Forum of Peace in English:

And the official Rome tourist office on the forum

Hope you enjoy the short post as much as we did visiting and hoping you do too soon. The Foro della Pace is one of those sights that even if small and little mentioned holds more in your trip highlights of Rome.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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