Hostal Restaurant Palacios ,Toledo!

This is glorious and one reason I am enjoying updating these older posts in my blog. The memories lingered always when I speak/write about Toledo, Spain. I have spent many days here with initially family living nearby from the time I lived in Madrid. Then, coming to visit from abroad alone and then with what was to be my wife and then with the boys , like I said many memorable moments in Toledo; all told in my blog, see posts. For now let me tell you about one of those unforgetable places, the Hostal Restaurant Palacios of Toledo!!

Spain is like my home, I am Spanish citizen since birth from my grandparents of Tenerife.  I have lived in Madrid and still cousins there . I do visit Spain at least once every year since upteen times. All said and done. However, when I write I tell you about experiences and things to see eat do, but I like to bring one dear place to give it the credit it deserves in my arsenal of memories ,hoping they become yours too. My family was taken to Spain by my insistance for several years now and they became to love it too; no question every year vacation time Spain came out on top and get away from our beloved France where we have lived for the last 18 years.

The visit to Toledo is a must for all, and no different for us Spaniards to see the history of our country ,the tolerance of Toledo is awesome. While walking its narrow cobblestone streets in the center and beyond and got to the point of been hungry we stop at a restaurant that is also a hostal (inexpensive hotel) right in the tourist central! We thought would be crazy to eat there but the price was right, amazing even 7,95€ complete meal with wine/beer so we took the opportunity.  It has been our must stop each time in the city for lunch for the last several years except 2018 when my dear late wife Martine passed away from pancreatic cancer. She loved this place so much. I would tell you briefly on Hostal Restaurant Palacios in Toledo!


The magic lunch menu price has been kept from 7,50€ to 7,95€ over the years and always fully loaded with entrée, main dish, dessert, drink of juice sodas/wines/beers and coffee! It changes every time often. The food is terrific and the place very quant with very nice people we have come to know, they even remember us!!


This Small and modern Hostel-Restaurant is located in the heart of the old town of Toledo next to the Cathedral and 200 meters from the Plaza de Zocodover and the Alcázar de ToledoRestaurant Palacios is part of the facilities of the Hostal Palacios, located in Calle Alfonso X the Wise corner with Calle Navarro Ledesma. In this restaurant they have been satisfying the tastes of the most exquisite palates with their wide variety of dishes and portions and the excellent quality of their products. Enjoy homemade food and typical Toledo dishes.  In General, Toledo eats well. It Is true that not always cheap, as many stand out, but if you look a bit, you will find gems like Palacios.


Hostal Palacios (this not tried yet) offers comfortable accommodation in this impressive city. The air-conditioned rooms are decorated in a warm and rustic style and feature a plasma-screen satellite TV and views of the old town of Toledo. The hotel offers an Internet point from where you can organise your excursion to the beautiful Alcázar and other sights


The official Hostal Palacios

The Toledo tourist office on Hostal Palacios

There you go folks, I feel better now, it is worth mention good memorable places like the Hostal Restaurant Palacios, when we travel even if humble places, they are part of the thrill of traveling and family stories to last a lifetime. I know Martine would be happy to tell you about it too!  One for the memories forever my dear late wife Martine!


And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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4 Comments to “Hostal Restaurant Palacios ,Toledo!”

  1. I wasn’t in Toledo long enough to have a proper meal but this place looks great. If I can ever travel again and get back to Toledo (as I would love to) I shall certainly look this one up.

    May your dear wife rest easy.

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  2. What a wonderful piece ! Thanks for sharing

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