The galerie des Carrosses, Versailles!!

And back again to my beloved Versailles, never to forget the wonderful family times we had there while living in the city for almost 9 years. One of the emblematic places of course was the palace but there are many things in it and around the city to see. One place that was renovated and back open is the galerie des Carrosses where the coaches that carry the nobility of Versailles is kept just across from the palace. Let me bring you and me back to this beautiful monument.

This is part of the Chateau de Versailles but apart in a separate building across the street so maybe you go for the nice horse show and by pass this beauty just back open to the public not far back. I was here before they renovated it as Versailles has so much more than the palace. I told you so!  The new galerie des Carrosses or Gallery of Coaches/carriages is a wonderful place indeed. One place on my list to be back when possible ,and to take more pictures as like i said living and visiting are two different things. The galerie des carrosses is in the Grande Ecurie or Great stables of the king across from the palace.

The galerie des Carrosses or Gallery of coaches-formerly Museum of Carriages (until 2006) is done as a museum which presents a collection of coaches mainly from the 19C.  It is attached to the public establishment of the palace, the museum and the Domaine de Versailles and housed in the Grand Ecurie across from the palace.

A bit of history I like

After the carriages were dispersed during the revolutionary period, and selling at the end of the French revolution, this museum was created by King Louis-Philippe I in 1833 when he decided to transform Versailles into a museum of All the glories of France (and therefore saving the palace and dependencies from demolition!!!). It is then installed in the Grand Trianon, in a small building. The first museum of the Trianon opened its doors to the public in 1851.

Both Museum of the history of France and Salon of Automobile of the 18-19C, the gallery of coaches presents the most beautiful prototypes and the latest advances of the French bodywork in terms of comfort, performance and technique as well as traction, suspension, and first cut convertible.  The collection consists mainly as said of 19C vehicles with sedan and gala cars of the imperial Court of Napoleon I, the funeral chariot of Louis XVIII; and the carriage of the coronation of Charles X. The museum has only a few vehicles dating from the old regime (monarchy) with the sedan of the Dauphin Louis de France chairs with carriers and six sleds. The coaches of the gallery are the creations of the best artists and artisans of luxury of the court: architects, carpenter, saddler-bodywork, shimmerer, locksmith, bronzier, chaser, gilder, melter, painter, plasterer, trimmers, and knitters.etc.


In 1978, the collection at the Museum of the Carriages or wagons of Trianon, built in 1851, was moved to the Grande Ecurie. In 1985, the Museum of Carriages was opened to the public. In 2007, the Museum of Carriages closed its doors for the expansion work. In 2016, the museum is open again to the public. the Gallery of Coaches or La Galerie des Carrosses in the Grande Ecurie is the new name.

Some webpages to help you plan your trip here are:

The official Château de Versailles on the galerie des Carrosses

The Versailles tourist office on the galerie des Carrosses

Hope you enjoy it with the family lots of nice wagon/coaches and even more history in them.  The galerie des Carrosses is worth the detour in Versailles, one more reason it takes more than one day to see it all!!

And Remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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