The 3 Dumas, only in Paris!!!

Glad to update this older post on a popular figure of my belle France. And of course, it is Paris where it is showcase for all in a wonderful square. I like to tell you a bit more on the 3 Dumas of France and only shown in Paris! Hope you enjoy it as I

There was a guy who published a book after passing unfortunately they call it A Mouvable Feast (for Paris) but I always tell folks he was short on travels, if he had done more out of Paris, he would have left some writing on the second volume, France is a mouvable feast; thank you E Hemingway.  However, let’s stay with just Paris for the moment shall we! There is a simple square I passed by now less often, that has the particularity of showcasing the history anecdote of the 3 Dumas; and I like to bring that to life in a humble way in my post now.

The story is told on the square or place Général-Catroux on the 17éme arrondissement of Paris. This rectangular square is crossed by Boulevard Malesherbes and Avenue de Villiers; It receives the rue Henri-Rochefort, rue de Phalsbourg, rue de Thann, rue Georges-Berger, rue Legendre and rue Jacques-Bingen. This site is served by metro line 3 at the Malesherbes station as well even thus I always been by here with my car.

Opened in 1862 on the site of a park, this square retained for a long time the nickname “Place des Trois Dumas”, (square of the 3 Dumas) because of the three statues of the Dumas, which adorned the center of this square. It was actually called “Place Malesherbes” and was renamed in 1977. And as my travels goes my pictures of only of Dumas of D’Artagnan , one of my all time favorite with the family spirit of All for One and One for All!

The nice building architecture around the square can be summarize as follows:

At No. 1: Hôtel Gaillard, built for Émile Gaillard, regent of the Banque de France, collector of art, to house his collections of furniture, trinkets, paintings, etc. The red brick building inspired by the architecture of the castles of Blois and Gien was built from 1878 to 1882. After the death of Émile Gaillard in 1902, his collections were dispersed and the hotel was bought by the Banque de France in 1919 to become a branch. An entry exists by No. 11ter, rue Georges-Berger, where the building is referred to as Hôtel Berger. It is something very noticeable and I love it!  At No. 6: the building here was built in 1907, in return on No. 31 Avenue de Villiers. At No. 12: Embassy of Liberia. This building was the headquarters of the propaganda service of the French Legion of Volunteers against the Bolshevism (LVF) under the occupation of Paris, whose head office was 19, rue Saint-Georges. At No. 14: Russian news agency RIA Novosti (now Rossiya Sevodnya). At No. 20: a mansion where the composer Charles Gounod lived from 1878 to his death in 1893.



Some of the monument/statues to see here are:

The Monument to General Thomas Alexandre Dumas, erected in 1912. It is represented taking over a rifle. It was sent to the cast under the Vichy regime in 1942. The city of Paris replaced it with Irons, made in 2008, representing a monumental broken chain in memory of General Dumas, born a slave in Haïti.

The Monument to Alexandre Dumas (father) It was inaugurated on 4 November 1883 in the presence of a huge crowd. A statue of d’Artagnan cantoned the rear face of the pedestal.

The Monument to Alexandre Dumas (son) was erected in 1906. Alexandre Dumas (son). is one of the first writers to live in the plain of Monceau, place of painters, actors and musicians. He resided at No. 98 Avenue de Villiers.

The Monument to Sarah Bernhardt, 1926, represents the actress in the title role of Phaedra de Racine. It had a hotel at the end of the square, at the corner of Avenue de Villiers and rue Fortuny.

One of the architectural delights of walking, or driving thru Paris or at least a bus where you can see the marvels of the city; there is so much to Paris, I say  ,will need a lifetime and more to see it all.  

Enjoy walking it, very nice indeed and of course see the 3 Dumas of Paris!. Hope you enjoy the post on the architecture and history it bring out to all.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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