The other sights of my Versailles!

And this is a small old post I like to revive, update as it is from my dear Versailles. If you have read my blog you know that I lived there for 9 years before moving to the Morbihan Breton in France. It is one of those cities that no matter where you are now in the world you always look back to it and re visit again and again. Hopefully the soonest will be back. For now, hope you enjoy this post on the other sights of Versailles!

Coming along on my latest trip to the Paris region and a visit to my  mother-in-law in Seine et Marne, I could not resist not passing by my beloved Versailles. So many great memories of it that will stay with me and my boys forever, these were really happier times. Versailles is it, royal beautiful quiet and just quant. We love it and its shows in my posts.  We had little time on this trip as our final destination was the family on wife’s side in Seine et Marne 77; however, we made the best of it by walking all over our old neighborhood of Notre Dame. I like to tell you about these sights of Versailles.

We first stop by the gorgeous wonderful lively Notre Dame market (see post) at the square crossing of rue de la Paroisse and rue du Maréchal Foch; we even walked our dog Rex on the streets and he love it, looking and smelling everywhere! It was memorable for all of us including Rex! As this is my old neighborhood!!! Notre Dame!!!



Of course, we stop by the neighborhood Church and the Royal Church of Versailles, Notre Dame, (see post) behind it was my home ::) . This is a very nice historical Church of France; the kings and family members were baptised here and birth recorded and deaths all is here in the basement sacristy!

We went over to see the Porte Saint Antoine (see posts) on bd Saint Antoine, which was our easy entry to the property of the castle and our jogging, walking and just killing time space with glorious lunch/snacks at the Petit Trianon, Angelina (see posts).   While driving out we went by the new renovated and very nice Monument Américain , the American monument featuring the heroes of the US war of independance and the help back to France in WWI, statues of the Marquis de La Fayette and General Pershing (see post).

We, then were able to take new shots of the businesses we patronise while living here and then visiting, such as the Gibert & Joseph book store in rue de la Paroisse as well as my Nicolas wine store, the old favorite resto Le Boeuf à la Mode, and the old Cyrano cinema as well as some shots of Rue de la Paroisse and Rue des Reservoirs. And of course, the big photo on my way to my old house behind Notre Dame.  Gorgeous Versailles always was and is and will be me think!





I leave you with that though a medium size loaded with commodities town full of architecture, history of the world, and quant streets to walk by with friendly people even in the maze of tourist, over 7 millions come over each year 98% visiting the Chateau de Versailles, but do come out , it is full of off the beaten paths beauties to see and marvel. Enjoy it fully without moderation!!! And take a look at my other posts on Versailles in my blog.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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