The Petit Palais of Paris!

Well I am amazed always of the many wonderful monuments in my eternal Paris. I have to say better and more than anywhere else, one reason is call the most beautiful city in the world, and I agree. Here we have a wonderful building call the Petit Palais a wonderful expression of architecture and history. There is another bigger building across the street literally but for some reason the little palace is my favorite, that is the Petit Palais. Let me tell you a bit more on it as I update/revise an older post from 2018.

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And here is another marvel of Paris. The inner courtyard cafe is just superb and surrounded by such beauty is incredible. My first encounter here was on a Incas of Peru exhibition about 10 years ago, and it remains close to me. I am talking about the Petit Palais de Paris.  The Petit Palais, was built on the occasion of the Universal Exhibition of 1900, houses the Museum of Fine Arts (Beaux-Arts)  of the city of Paris. It is located in the 8éme arrondissement or district of Paris, Avenue Winston-Churchill, facing the Grand Palais. The Petit Palais is served close by the Metro lines 1 and 13 at the station Champs-Elysées-Clemenceau and Metro line 9, station Franklin-Roosevelt , as well as by the bus lines RATP 28,42,72,73,80,83 and 93.


The Petit Palais is organized around a semi-circular garden. The exhibition sites are located on the first floor (2nd US), the ground floor (1st US) being originally dedicated to offices and reserves. The façade is about 150 meters long, centered by a monumental porch topped by a dome. Ionic columns with diagonal scrolls adorn the main facade as well as the semi-circular peristyle of the inner courtyard. The décor is complemented by numerous bas-reliefs. The sculptures on the façade are, the city of Paris protecting the Arts  with a woman seated holding in her left arm a ship symbolizing Paris and surrounded by the Muses; on the right, a group with the Seine river  and its tributaries. On the left, the Four Seasons group  with young women carrying sheafs of wheat and fruit.


From 1902, the Petit Palais becomes the Palais des Beaux-Arts of the city of Paris to host a permanent collection from antiquity to the end of the 19C, these collections were enriched by multiple donations of which one can cite the most important are of Eugène and Auguste Dutuit ceded their collection in 1902, rich of nearly 20 000 works and featuring several major works of the Dutch school including a autoportraits of Rembrandt and the abduction of Proserpine of Rubens, Greco-Roman Antiquities, Art objects of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, engravings and drawings of masters such as Martin Schongauer, Albrecht Dürer, Rembrandt, Fragonard etc.); in addition Edward and Julia Tuck ceded in 1930 their collection of 18C French art objects; Ambroise Vollard yields several modern works at the museum, including the portrait of Ambroise Vollard in the chat by Pierre Blackwell (1924) or another portrait of the painter by Paul Cézanne (1899); Roger Cabal bequeathed to the museum a collection of icons in 1998. Alongside these donations, the museum will acquire many works, including several paintings by Gustave Courbet.

For the past several years, contemporary photography has entered the Petit Palais when it was decided to present, in introduction to major international exhibitions, images of photographers inspired by the civilizations . Some of these photographs were then acquired by the museum. The museum’s graphic arts funds consists of 18 000 engravings and 9 000 old and modern designs. The collection of drawings includes many more much more, too numerous to mention in one blog post.

Additional exhibition spaces are created on the ground floor , with reserves moved to the basement. The permanent collection is exposed to the left by entering, the temporary exhibits to the right. In between the two, at the bottom of the garden, a coffee shop is wonderfully done to eat in a stunning garden. The windows of the exhibition spaces and the canopies of the permanent collections are designed for natural lighting. The offices are located above the temporary exhibition spaces. An amphitheater is created on the ground floor under the garden.

All and much more, this is nice and cute and lovely, a must to see in a wonderful area of Paris. You must come to the Petit Palais, enough said. Another wonder of Paris and now better covered in my blog.

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Some webpages to help you plan your visit to this wonderful little palace are

The Official Petit Palais webpage:

The Paris tourist office on the Petit Palais

And remember , happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!!

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