Au Dernier Metro !!

Oh yes, this is another gem that found out from my ongoing updating and revising posts that have not given exposure in my blog. And as this is my life’s history, need to tell about the Au Dernier Metro ;nooo not the movie but the restaurant in Paris!!!

In my trip to Paris , I stop by the Seine at Levallois-Perret in Hauts de Seine dept 92 and along rue Anatole France by metro line 3 pont de Levallois Bécon ,and then had a car ride and went for my lunch at Au Dernier Metro on 70 Boulevard de Grenelle. Couple planchas of ewe milk cheese with ham, pate, terrines chorizos salad and bread down with a leffe beer blonde just what Paris is all about! Nice ambiance and great food.

Let me tell you a bit more about this find in my eternal Paris.

A bench in the last Metro is worth it! or Au Dernier Metro.  And for good reason, planted in front of the aerial metro of Dupleix, you can really attach the bistro label to it in the full width of its acceptance; with colors, crowd, joy, earthiness, gouleyance of wines and flavor of cold meats. Good shoulders recommended for clearing your way to the large counter and a sip of Irouleguy wine. When meal time strikes, the friendly waiters manage in good humor to convince drinkers to make room for eaters.  At Au Dernier Metro is the work of a family from the always enterprising bistro tribe of the capital, the Basques. It was not born yesterday, since the Lafargue family, originally from Mauléon, (see post) have been in charge for thirty years.


Since 1991, the boss Jean, alongside his wife Nathalie, of Croatian origin who quickly fell into the “bistro” mold, has been watching over this  Au Dernier Metro  less romantic than Truffaut’s work. This Au Dernier Metro calls on a slew of small producers and farms in the Basque Country. Special mention, for the Coche ham, raised on the Spanish side and signed by Maison Arosagaray. Among the classics of the house, the Basque sausage flavored with Espelette pepper accompanied by its piperade ,and a special mention for the Parmentier with Mauleon sausage . If the pepper is scary, there is always the essential andouillette of Père Duval, a pledge of bistro quality or Basque tripe for real scoundrels!

At the Au Dernier Metro, it is at the same time a bar, a brasserie, a restaurant in the Sud-Ouest or southwest of France, where all the merry men meet to drink and feast without ever taking themselves seriously; and it is not the boss who will say the opposite! Get there anyhow on foot or car or metro Dupleix line 6 or bus line 42.

The official webpage of Au Dernier Metro, the restaurant! http://:

And my favorite for comments from folks like us Yelp on the Au Dernier Metro:

So , there you go folks , another dandy of my eternal Paris needed to tell you about it quick. GO there, Au Dernier Metro is recommended by yours truly and I don’t usually do this. Enjoy it as I do always.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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