Going to the Castilla’s of Spain!

And my journey continue remembering old travel anecdotes and places of family visits over the years. What can be more beautiful than going back to our beloved Spain! In my continuing effort to update revise older posts which I believe were not given the proper text/pictures as early blogger was not up to par, this is the time to do it. I like to bring you back to August 2017 and my wonderful trip to my beloved Spain again.

Another year and another family decision to again visit my beloved Spain, I was happy. Deciding where to go is difficult from our base in France, but Spain hit the button again, and we repeat going there. The best decision we have made, Spain is well, everything under the sun. Even with those that wants to disturb the human race goes on without fears , and we enjoyed it fully.

We went by car, the best way to travel if possible ; leaving early from home by 6h40 (6:40 am) we were out on the road. We took the trip into two parts; one was the one to go without paying tolls into our night hotel for rest and a break on the long sideways roads trip.  First, we took the trip from home to Pau, where we stayed at the same hotel we had stayed in our previous visits to the area, this is the Ibis Budget hotel by blvd de l’Aviation. Simple and nice for a night stopover just at the entrance to the city center/downtown of Pau. Their webpage is here: https://all.accor.com/hotel/3498/index.en.shtml#origin=ibis

There is an Auchan hypermarket at a bit over a km from it and just what you need to get some groceries snack food for the night and next day’s trip.


The trip lasted on about 678 kms for 10h35 of duration. If with tolls you can do it in about 7h35…. but we always try to avoid tolls. It takes you by the Nantes airport area that I am very familiar with on the D201 into the N844; from getting around here on the D137 direction La Rochelle, there are briefs roading on the D763 and D1173 which are basically the same road direction La Rochelle and then around Niort; you get back into La Rochelle on the N237 and later connecting on the A837 direction Rochefort nord before getting back on the D137 direction Saintes, La Rochelle, Rochefort Niort etc; you go into Saintes and continue direction Bordeaux, Pons, Jonzac. We continue on the D137  until going thru Saint-André-de-Cubzac on the D1510 to connect here briefly with the A10 and getting off the exit A62 to Toulouse, Pau getting off in the exit 1,1 for Langon, Pau and getting into the D1113 direction Pau, etc. Go into Barsac, Langon always direction Pau , here get into the D524 and go into Bazas, getting out on the D932 but quickly taken left on the D934 to go into Villeneuve-de-Marsan out of it get on the D824 direction Pau. Go into Aire-sur-l’Adour and continue on the D2 always direction Pau; go thru Auriac on the D834 and follow direction Pau into the boulevard Olof Palme and get on the direction Toulouse, Tarbes, Lourdes. Get into Pau along this beltway that is the D834 direction Pau Centre on the D943 to our hotel and on bld de la paix you can go on into old town Pau.



As you can see you are able to passed by many pretty towns and we love it this way. The next day we took off again without paying tolls on familiar roads into the Pyrénées mountains.  Before we got there we had our breakfast in our usual place now at Bielle, the boulangerie  Laloubére facing the mountains where pastry, coffee and orange juice cost 2,30€! (see post)

Taking the inner beltway of the D817 by Bizanos and Mazéres-Lezons into the D802 direction Zaragoza (signs in French says Saragosse) passing great wine country of Jurançon and Gan along the N134, follow Laruns on the D934 into the mountains looking for the col du Portalet mountain pass wonderful views real driving pleasure and into Spain on the N260 to Huesca to take the N330 into the wonderful road A23 to Zaragoza here take the beltway of the city,  the Z-40 direction Madrid but get off on exit 28A to Teruel/Cariñera ; and then exit 176 into the N211 direction Montalban/Caminreal/Alcaniz.  Near the town of Caminoreal take left on the N234 ,and near Monreal del Campo continue on avenue de Madrid still on the N211 passing by nice Molina de Aragon  (gas/petrol  station here) to connect with the CM210 that becomes the CM 2106 into the Serrania de Cuenca mountains and our home at Las Majadas!



We arrive in town early by 14h15 so we had our late lunch in the town of Vega del Codorno right next to the natural environment of the birth of the river Cuervo!  Restaurante El Nacimiento del Rio Cuervo! highly recommended, see the nice lunch food served. On the site of rural houses here: https://www.escapadarural.com/que-hacer/vega-del-codorno/restaurantes/restaurante-nacimiento

We rented again from the same wonderful folks owners of Casa Pitu in Las Majadas which is super and by now very good friends/owners in the mountains of the Serrania de Cuenca at about 1400 meters and 36 kms from the Unesco world heritage city of Cuenca. house site here: http://: http://www.casapitu.es/

Finally, we headed to check in at our house, four bedrooms one full bath, kitchen , pantry, living and dining room right in center of town near the library and pharmacy as well as restos/bar. Sad to hear the bakery closed down but they deliver bread to the school in summer vacation time.  The owners are more than good ,they are excellent human being. Upon our repeat visit they had a Tarsus 1999 Ribera del Duero red wine for me as welcome! This is Casa Rural Pitu, at Calle Anastasio Lasso street. (see posts)

And pushing onwards to the AlCampo (Auchan in France) hypermarket for groceries for the next few days, and have discounts for gas/petrol paying only for diesel 0,988!!! per liter. More on it here : https://www.alcampo.es/empresa/tienda/Cuenca

Lots of walking trails and nature lovers’ paradise up in the mountains, even if we are not forest walkers the area is prime and inviting for that. We went on from here to see the Castilla’s of Spain in our road warrior ways! Hope you enjoy the story of our travels in my beloved Spain

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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