Coming home from the Castilla’s of Spain!

And if updating the going why not the coming from my beloved Spain! This is a work of love going over these old posts has brought a lot of good memories for us, and remember those no longer with us. Hope you enjoy the series, and thanks for reading.

This is our family summer vacation to the Castilla’s of Spain. Castilla Y Léon, Castilla La Mancha,and Madrid!!!  We came by car and left by car, the best way to travel!!! We took an extra day at no charge from our wonderful hosts in Casa Pitu in Las Majadas, in the Serrania de Cuenca at 1400 meters high in the mountains of Castilla La Mancha. Leaving on a Sunday at 6h53 (6:53 am). We decided this time been a Sunday and wanting to start the week at home before the work routine began to do this run paying tolls; something we rarely do but… time was of the essence.

We came back not listening to the GPS as I have done quite a bit of travel in my beloved Spain. Leaving by the A40 direction Madrid after coming down from the mountain into Cuenca. Shortly, I cut off into the N420 of Guadalajara on the N320 and Teruel on the N420. So I took Teruel. We drove into the outskirts of the town and then headed towards Zaragoza on the A23 taken the beltway Z-40 to continue on the A23 direction Huesca, then Jaca on the N330 getting under the Pyrénées mountain by the Somport tunnel at 1050 meters high!  (the days of going over is done but great views now you can go around the station of Canfranc). We passed by Fuentes de Jiloca  passing by the Church Nuestra Señora de la Asuncion or Our Lady of the Assomption. Once on the French side the road becomes the N134 and you past Urdos (before EU this was the custom house for border crossing !).  The Somport tunnel is 8 602 meters long with 2 848 in France and 5 754 in Spain.  There was big construction on roads going on all over, and I expect that by my next trip many will be change, the A23 is trying to reach directly here on a expressway….! Hoping for better times to travel!

Once in my belle France we headed for Pau on the N134 passing by Jurançon and taken the D802 around Pau towards the D817 following panels for the A64/A65 autoroutes. We connect on the A65 direction Bordeaux/Mont de Marsan on this toll road we paid 23,20€ in tolls! Passing Bazas again we headed on the A62 direction Bordeaux but fearing the always traffic jams of the beltway of Bordeaux we got off at Langon on the D672 passing by Saint-Macaire and Le Pian sur Garonne, see Church Notre Dame passing onwards direction Sauveterre de Guyanne to connect with the D670 and passing by beautiful wine country and nice architecture along the way!! We pass again by wonderful wine country of many chateaux and heading on the D670 to Saint-Jean-de-Blaignac crossing the river Dordogne! Continuing on we pass just outside the medieval and rich wines of Saint Emilion then passing Libourne and crossing the river Dordogne again! Continuing on the Fronsac vinyards direction Saint-André-de-Cubzac on the D670 to connect with the A10 direction Paris for free!  Passing nearby Saintes and bear into the A83 direction Nantes! On this A83 paid 29,30€ tolls yikes! At Nantes got into the beltway N844 to connect with the N165 direction Vannes and home sweet home!!!


The wines are great Pomerol, Saint Emilion, Fronsac , gorgeous terrain and vinyards; great ride!!! The anecdote of the return trip is the huge thunder and hail storm we had passing Langon, it was so hard we fell the car was been shot at with bullets of hail; concern we stop by a house subdivision to take cover and waited about 20 minutes before it was passed over, to continue our journey. This is definitively the biggest storm we have come across in Europe on the road.  It made our trip slower and paying tolls not well spent; reaching home by 23h30 or 11:30 pm Sunday! We are up and ready , however , already lol!!!

And now we are ready to go on into our wonderful finds, many nice repetitions and some new visit with the family. I been an old fox, been there done that, but it is always intensively gratifying to bring my boys into places I have been as a boy/teen/men myself, family education!!

Again, hope you enjoy the tour, and see around in the roads of Spain, yours truly ,the road warrior! I am lucky to be in the one two most visited countries in the world,and for a good reason! France and Spain!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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