Tour Eiffel!

So really easy title no need for more explanations. I have written couple posts on the Tour Eiffel in my blog but have found several pictures of different years not yet in, and feel they deserve to be shown for the memories.

paris tour eiffel walking from bir hakeim nov17

Let me tell you folks, I came here first in 1990 and had gone regularly until 2005 and stop. However, my office as of before the virus was very near and i needed to pass by it walking every month! Nice views anyway and memories of older family visits. It is now completely secure place with wagons for security personnel in front, not a nice environment to climb up me think. Hope you enjoy the new photos in my blog of my walking tours, some goes back to 2011 to 2017!

Not going to go deep in the text as plenty already written in previous posts, but for ease of reading for new readers here is some briefs on the Tour Eiffel!

paris tour eiffel from rue de la federation nov17

The Tour Eiffel was built in less than two years in the gardens of the Champ de Mars on the banks of the Seine river. It was intended to crown the Universal Exhibition of 1889. High of 317 meters its structure is in puddled iron with no less than 18,000 metal parts and 2,500,000 thousand rivets make it up. A very brief description of it has it on the 1st floor of 57 meters high, a restaurant, bar, and lounge. On the 2nd floor of 115 meters high, a restaurant, bar,and tea room. On the final 3rd floor of 214 meters high, you have wonderful far views of Paris. A panorama up to 90 km from Paris on a clear day!!!

paris tour eiffel from ave de suffren 23dic11

At the end of the concession in 1909, it was saved thanks to its military and then civilian reconversion with the installation of a radio transmitter! Lucky us!. Since its creation, it has been repainted seventeen times or once every seven years. Likewise, the hues have changed several times; initially reddish-brown, then yellow ochre and now bronze. It takes sixty tons of paint to cover it and, in all, 25 painters are at work for over a year. The bust of Gustave Eiffel was made by Antoine Bourdelle.

paris tour eiffel from Seine nov17

The best place to admire it in all its splendor is the Trocadéro terrace facing it. One way to save a lot of the queues at the Eiffel Tower is to buy tickets in advance. You get there by Metro: Trocadéro, lines 6 and 9; Ecole Militaire, line 8. Bus: lines 42, 69, 72, 82 and 87. RER line C at Champ de Mars – Tour Eiffel.

paris tour eiffel from garden quai-branly nov17

Today, the Tour Eiffel is a symbol of France to the world and window of Paris!

You have the official webpage and the Paris tourist office as the usual posts but let me give you a different look here with the region of Ïle de France tourist office on the Eiffel tower

paris tour eiffel cours de la reine apr12

One great lawn garden to admire it and even host picnics as well as many events like New Year’s celebration is the Champ de Mars. It is dedicated to this warrior god and place of manoeuvre for military troops until the end of the 19C. It is a large open garden with a length of 780 meters, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, which begins at the edge from the Seine river to the Pont d’Iéna to end at the Ecole Militaire west facade. Wonderful place indeed.

And novelty I passed by it but never been inside and no pictures however, so many times walked by it that need to have it here for a reminder to visit later on when possible. It has a very nice sounding name!!

The Theâtre de la Tour Eiffel at 35 avenue Rapp, built between 1912 and 1915,was a place for lively discussions and debates in the start-up district of the time. Formerly called the Adyar room, it is the actress Christelle Chollet and her husband, who bought it and renovated it in 2016 to give it back its former soul. The room has kept the soul of the inventiveness and creation of the last century thanks to technical equipment unique in Paris. Christelle Chollet sourced the decoration across Europe so that the Art Deco of the building is present in the room. It is access on Metro line 9 Alma-Marceau and line 8 Ecole Militaire. Bus lines passing by here 42 69 80 87 and 92. Webpage:

And there you go another dandy in my eternal Paris always something to see and do, never ending like all eternal things in life. And Paris is worth living for it! I will leave you with the new blog pictures,enjoy them as I do.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. I have been to the top of that tower 3 times and every time it was cloudy with no real views.

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