Expats in Paris !!!

I had arrived fresh from Versailles and working in Paris to the Morbihan Breton dept 56 so decided to tell where the expats mingle most in Paris. Upon arriving in Paris in 2003, I was not really aware what the term expats meant and seek them out to I guess keep up with the nostalgia of lands now gone. These expats are it; their world turns around this nostalgia and comparing the two worlds. Not really good if you are planning to settle in a new country, culture etc.

I guess not an expert on this sociological phenomenon, and coming from already a French family in Florida USA, making trips to France every year since 1990 not the typical expat per se. After all, I was French before living permanently in France! My dear late wife Martine family is big with two brothers and three sisters most in the Seine et Marne dept 77 and one in the Nord 59, and cousins spread out in the sud ouest around Gaillac ,Tarn dept 81. Therefore, my experiences are different. However, I did came into France with my parents who were not French just retirees Americans! They needed the titre de séjour visiteur to stay here and they got it easily as we did while still in Florida at the wonderful friendly French consulate in Miami. We were already part of the French American community there with the Miami Accueil group that was hosted by the consulate.

These notes just to make sure you can tell the different between an expat and a resident/citizen of a country. Nevertheless, in the past several years I have been asked for pubs, bars the regular hangout of  expats etc. Well, the expats are well and kicking all over Paris, never a dull moment, after all Paris is the melting pot of France and France is the melting pot of Europe! Back then ,it was estimated that one out of four Parisiens were foreigners or French not from Paris!!

Oh one group I joined and left when came to the Morbihan was Expats Paris! The anecdote here is that it was an American attorney in Paris (now last I know in S Arabia!) who created this group. I was one of the first four who joined the chats and drinks at the Au Trappiste 4 rue Saint Denis every Thursday at 19h30 or 7:30 pm! It has now over 9K members!!! Their webpage is here: https://www.meetup.com/fr-FR/ExpatsParis/

I will give you a sample of my favorites that I used to go the most; hopefully it will keep you company if feeling home sick while in Paris Lol! One sad moment while doing this is to find out how many are no longer, it goes with the times and there should be new generations of places to meet with expats. After all ,Paris is eternal.

Players Bar, 161 Rue Montmartre, 75002 ,big screens live sporting events actually about 30 screens all the time ESPN Classic channel too. Near same area on metro grands boulevard line 8 or 9. Here just for the memories as it has closed.

Cottage Elysée, 14 rue Lincoln, 75008 , metro George V line 1. All sports live the Irish pub with live music on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Another nice one that is gone! Here for the memories.

Millers, 3 Rue des Haudriettes, 75003 .metro Rambuteau line 11. no web, but does show sports live telecasts with drink specials. Another one that bites the dust, closed.

The Thistle Pub, follow the Scots, 112 rue St Denis, 75002,Metro Etienne Marcel line 4 and Chatelet line 4. Another oldie closed, here just for the memories.

The Fifth Bar, 62 rue Mouffetard, 75005. Metro place monge line 5. popular bar, American but also rugby, live DJ Fridays, Saturdays nights. Happy hour 12-22h. Another goner, here just for the memories.

La Pinte, 13 Carrefour de l’Odéon,75006. Metro Odeon line 10. all sports shown, happy hour 17-20h, live concerts in the cellar on thursdays, great ambiance, great place to be. great guinness/beamish red,and Calsberg. And yet another glory days goner, here just for the memories. 

Carr’s, Irish pub ,of long standing and many nights lol! 1 Rue du Mont Thabor, 75001. Metro Tuileries line 1. Great cellar where expats groups gathered on many occasions, and great Irish music .Sadly closed after Irish owner we had huge parties here! Here just for the memories.

Okeerokee, I gave you the closed one first, lol! Don’t panic there are still plenty open thank you! 

O’Sullivans Pubs several all over like by Clichy and rue des Lombards, however my favorite is the one at the Grands Boulevards, 1 blvd Montmartre, metro grands boulevards lines 8 and 9. sports tv all over, even some music, best second floor up to your left in front of bar counter. webpage  https://www.osullivans-pubs.com/pub-irlandais/grands-boulevards/

The Lions, 120 Rue Montmartre, 75002;. Metro Bourse line 3 or Grands boulevards line 8 and 9. The English Pub,  showing football/soccer with pints of 5€. This one has change location now at 153 rue de Chevaleret 13éme webpage: http://www.thelionsparis.fr/

McBrides Irish Pub, 54 rue St Denis, 75001 . metro Chatelet line 4. All sports bar, downstairs Johnnies nightclub every Friday at 23h. live bands Fridays, Saturdays,and Sundays.webpage  https://www.corcoransirishpubs.com/mcbrides/menu/

Corcoran’s Irish pubs several in Paris, but my favorite is at Bastille; live music Fridays ,Saturdays, Sundays, Karaoke on Thursdays,and Students night on Thursdays too. Great ambiance for the younger crowds. 53 Faubourg St Antoine, 75011. Metro Bastille lines 1,5 and 8. Now same group as above. webpage  https://www.corcoransirishpubs.com/bastille/

The Pure Malt, the Scottish in Paris, 4 rue Caron,75003 .Metro  ST Paul ,line 1. Fridays and Saturdays cocktails nights.  Also American football, Rugby,and Football/soccer.  webpage  http://www.thepuremalt.fr/

The Auld Alliance, 80 Rue François-Miron, 75004..Metro St Paul ,line 1. NFL Sundays are shown as well as football:Soccer and rugby. Scotland in Paris.Thursday cocktail night ,and over 100 whiskies available. webpage  https://theauldalliance.com/

Café Oz, the Australians arrive!  Several location ,best is at Chatelet, 18 rue Saint Denis, Metro Chatelet line 4. Sports bar par excellence, live rugby, football/soccer, and NFL on tap, great Aussie beers. Webpage https://cafe-oz.com/chatelet.html

Hall’s Beer Tavern, 68 rue Saint Denis, 75002.Metro Chatelet line 4. All major sporting events covered, great ambiance, big screens TV, live music blues and rock, heated smokers terrace,happy hours from 17-19h, and pints from 4,50€. The works , i promise. Webpage: https://www.hallsbeertavern.fr/

Belushi’s Bar,  a chain with many in various cities in Europe. In Paris at 159 rue de Crimée, 75019.Inside St Christopher’s hostel. Metro Crimée line 7 or Laumiére line 5. Five big screen TVs for all the action and great burgers, an American diner in Paris. webpage  https://www.belushis.com/bars/paris/canal

The Galway, 13 Quai des Grand Augustins, 75006. Metro Chatelet Line 4 or  St Michel Notre Dame RER C .  Live music on Thursdays Fridays,Saturdays,and Sundays, the Irish once again in Paris !!) Webpage  https://www.facebook.com/GALWAYIRISHPUBPARIS/

Eden Park Pub , 10 Rue Princesse, 75006. Metro  Mabillon line 10, St Sulpice line 4, St Germain des Pres line 4. All sporting events in big screens. Happy hour from 18-20h. Great rugby place but also football/Soccer. webpage  http://www.edenparkpub.com/

The Moose, the Canadians arrive! 16 rue des Quatre Vents, 75006. Metro Odéon line 10. happy hour,buy a pitcher specials,all sports, good ambiance, webpage  http://www.mooseparis.com/fr/

Little  Temple Bar, 12 rue Princesse, 75006. Metro Mabillon, Odeon, St Germain des Pres lines 4 or 10. Happy hour every day, classic place , names drop by often, live music, you will be delighted as I, webpage  https://www.littletemplebar.fr/

WOS Bar, 184 rue St Jacques, 75005. Metro best RER B luxembourg. Happy hour 16-21h! monday and tuesday is student nights so younger crowds. Lively place indeed. webpage  http://wosbar.com/#contact

The Bombardier, 2 place du Panthéon, 75005. Metro Maubert-Mutualité line 10 or RER B Luxembourg. Monday students night, Real Ale, English pub. webpage http://www.bombardierpub.fr/

La Pomme d’Eve, a South African pub in Paris, 1 rue Laplace, 75005. Metro Maubert-Mutualité line 10. all major sporting events shown on big screens. webpage  http://lapommedeve.com/

The Harp, 118 Blvd Clichy,75018.Metro Blanche  line 2 or place de Clichy line 13. Great american hot dogs and bloody marys on Sunday, Mojitos on Mondays. home of the Paris Celtic supporters group . Webpage  https://www.facebook.com/TheHarpParis/

The Highlander Scottish Pub, 8 rue de Nevers, 75006 .Metro Pont Neuf line 7 or Odéon line 10. happy hour weekdays from 17-20h. Caledonian pints for 5€, webpage  http://pubhighlander.com/

The Great Canadian Pub, 25 Quai des Grands Augustin, 75006. Metro St Michel line 4. Great ambiance very popular with expats get togethers in Paris. webpage  https://www.facebook.com/tgcparis/

The Long Hop, Rue Fréderic Sauton, Place Maubert-Mutualité;75005.  metro Maubert-Mutualité line 10.  A great gathering of expats, great ambiance, lately a hot spot in Paris, webpage  https://www.the-long-hop.com/

Frog and Princess Pub ,9 Rue Princesse  75006. Metro Mabillon line 10.  Part of a chain of seven Frog pubs, Frog and Princess is a no-frills sports bar that brews its own beer and is frequented by a primarily English-speaking crowd drawn in by the home brews, numerous TVs, and loudly cheering sports fans who gather to watch their favorite teams. Webpage: https://www.frogpubs.com/fr/pub-the-frog-princess-paris-2.php

And of course if you need to catch some munchies these will do early or late,all great expats venues.

Breakfast in America, original location the best at 17 rue des Ecoles, 75005. Metro Cardinal Lemoine line 10 and Jussieu lines 7 and 10. you got the name right, webpage  https://breakfast-in-america.com/locations-and-hours/

Happy Days Diner, 25 rue Francisque Gay, 75006. Metro St Michel line 4. American burgers in a diner look 1950’s. two locations but the one above is lively for me. Unfortunately the location above has closed here for the memories, but there are others and should be good not on them yet. Webpage    https://www.happydaysdiner.com/nos-restaurants

Ellis Island Cafe, 5 rue Parronet, 75007 Metro Sévres Babylone lines 10 and 12. Great tex mex burgers, an American oasis in Paris, Sunday brunch 21€ . Well another one closed, here just for the memories

Scoop Cafe, 154 rue Saint Honoré ,75001.  Metro Palais Royal,Louvre Rivoli, lines 1. An American awarded as best ice cream parlor by Le Figaro!, with great soups as well. Sadly it has closed the location, so here for the memories. However, It is now at 117 rue des Dames 17éme.not try yet. webpage  http://www.scoopcafe.fr/#infos

Last but not least ,allomatch a webpage that will enhance your present in Paris, the all sports bars find it all at webpage: https://www.allomatch.com/bars

This is Paris too a melting pot of nations, and folks looking for the la vie en rose à la Française! And there is a long waiting line…..Paris is eternal, the most beautiful city in the world. I am sure there are others, I put up the ones I could remember visited in my times there in the glazing of an expat to a citizen per se. Hope you enjoy the post and thanks for reading.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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