Versailles, Royal , my old town, and glad to be back!

And I am continuing  revising and updating some of my older posts. It has been a pleasure indeed and especially coming around to see my posts on my old home of Versailles. Sublime!!! Thank for reading me and following me over the years, really appreciated. Let me give you an update on Versailles!

I could not finish the year 2016 without visiting my former home, and loving city of Versailles. It is more than just a castle, it’s a Royal city of France, and perpetual seat of the French constitution if ever needs changes adjustments to it, a de facto capital city of France.

I lived my first 9+ years in France, and love it every minute of it. Still springs nostalgia out of it, left for job duties but the heart still here. Just arriving on the N12 by the D91 into avenue du Maréchal Joffre was an incredible feeling, passing by the less known park of parc Balbi, very historical indeed just after the potager du roi and the Cathedral of Saint Louis. I know, yes, most of you come here for the castle palace, a museum for the greatness of France since 1837. However, there is more than the castle and historic buildings to tell history of many countries including my former USA.

Coming deeper into the city with memories flashing back was very nice indeed and sharing it with the family was sublime beyond words. Cruising into avenue du Général Leclerc and into ave du Général de Gaulle into the visiting parking at Sceaux was great easy and now even better modernize with credit cards automatic paying machines, no longer searching for those coins lol!

We parked our car at Sceaux and set out on foot to see the city and our memorable places that are seen different than the visitor , of course. For us, passing by our Phebus network bus A stop at avenue de l’Europe and seeing the bus 19 of the Yvelines going to Parly II shopping center, shopping again at the Monoprix store and getting to the Préfecture or immigration building for my parents carte de séjour visiteur as American retirees brought many memories of doing the paperwork here, nice require nothing to it. Right here you see the rive gauche-château RER C train station that millions take to see the castle from Paris and is a handy train ride into many places inside Paris, and the bus terminal in front and of course that wonderful vibrant ambiance at Rue Satory off avenue de Sceaux with its many restos, bars etc.

Right around the corner of Avenue de l’Europe and Avenue de Saint Cloud you have the wonderful flower market of Versailles! The marché des fleurs is a historical spot and we came here many times with my dear late wife Martine who loved flowers and plants. Further away you come to my favorite of all  markets the Marché Notre Dame at the Place Notre Dame. Plenty of underground parking too, even if very tight for my car.

Bien sûr, of course, seeing the usual grandness of the place such as it’s magnificent castle that brings about memories of playing around the gardens even beyond the Grand Canal with my boys and having a lunch snack at Angelina in the Petit Trianon, after crossing the property by the Porte Saint Antoine memories that will never go away. The great stables with the  Petite ecurie of many arts renovations and work, and the Grande ecurie du roi with the great horse show of Bàrtabas and the carriage museum! The great silhouette of the castle with its Opéra and Chapel sprouting out , both went or going thru wonderful renovations, and the Grand Commun building on the left home of the servants of the castle since built in 1682-84.


Could not afford not to see the Hôtel de Ville (old castle of the prince de Conti) where our civic duties were held for many years; a beautiful city/town hall indeed. And course, a sentimental walk to the Notre Dame district, could not manage to see our home so much many memories… right around the mythical wonderful Church of Notre Dame, the Royal one, as the baptisms and births of the prince of Versailles were done there, including that of  Philippe or Felipe , grandson of Louis XIV and himself king of Spain under Felipe V Bourbon dynasty that still rule in Spain today. He build the La Granja de San Ildelfonso a small replica of Versailles not far from Segovia (see post).


The rue Hoche and the Place Hoche with a nice straight view to the castle or to the Church Notre Dame is marvelous as well as the great shopping street of rue de la Paroisse that passes by the Church.  Our home we just took a peek right around the Church into rue Sainte Geneviéve into the square behind the Church and into Rue Saint Lazare…!


Of course, we ate, not willing to try the same like our all time favorite Le Boeuf à la Mode at the rue au pain in the place Notre Dames we try one we have in other areas of France and always past in front of it never tried it so we did this unique time, the Buffalo Grill steakhouse chain with the American Indian motifs. Here the service by Teddy was excellent never needed to ask for anything, and the food was good with my burger bacon some typical French beer ,the 1664, and coffee expresso as well as many others combination for the rest of the family all for 23€ per person, about right for Versailles! webpage:

As we had plans to continue visiting Paris, we found a place to stay. We had rented from Appart-City aparthotels before and had an up and down experience, we tried them for the clincher and the verdict is never again. We complaint that the rooms had holes in the wall, the bathtub was detached from the wood, the chairs looks used and already the white of the foam seeing thru them, after all the reception was nice and we got the parking for free, and the TV , kitchen works. 89,90€ per night for 5 persons is not bad but we will prefer to pay higher next time for a better deal. The apart-city was in the Bois d’Arcy city limits very close to the limits of Versailles. For reference the appart city webpage:

The tourist office of Versailles

The city of Versailles and its heritage in English!

And one of my favorites things to do in Versailles, the Bartabas horse show at the Grande Ecurie

The hotel rental was in no way diminish our beloved visit to Versailles as anyway was not in the city. It was a great experience to be back, always wonderful uplifting and with great memories of family times. Hope you have enjoy the post update.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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