Nice museums, seldom seen, and in Paris!!

Again, taking my new look of doing black and white posts when trying to revise, update, refresh old posts in my blog I bring you back to Paris. I did this post back in 2014, and hardly notice; no surprises, that was the reason of the post. Nice museums, seldom seen, and in Paris!!

The Paris museum pass will let you see many museum for a one price depending on the days you want. I always said if it is at least 3 ,the pass is worth it. And it goes beyond Paris too. See my post on passes in Paris. I went to look for these muséums that are very good but seldom seen by visitors. Here they are, and hope you enjoy it as I did rewriting it

At the heart of the Marais, the mansion or hôtel de Donon, 16éme is a square building with a rectangular court and interiors of the 18C acquired by Cognacq-Jay ,that have been redone by Christian Lacroix and its presenting costumes from the time of  Louis XV .Musée Cognacq-Jay at 8, rue Elzévir. webpage:

Adolphe and Clémence d’Ennery had built a mansion close to the  Bois de Boulogne to put their collection of Asian arts, more than 6300 objects now on the building done in 1875.  Located at  59 avenue Foch, you need to reserve in advance to get in at The Musée d’Ennery is hosted by the Musée Guimet. Webpage:

It took Ary Scheffer who received all of Paris from the monarchy of july to  Delacroix, Rossini, Sand, Chopin, Gounod, Tourgueniev, and Dickens. Some furniture, paintings and object of arts remaining from George Sand. The Baron Taylor , Charles Nodier ,friend of Balzac, Hugo, Vigny and Lamartine, passion for the heritage give notion to the story behind the work ” Voyages pittoresques et romantiques dans l’ancienne France”.  And this give rise to the Musée de la Vie Romantique at 6, rue Chaptal . webpage:

By the place de Fürstenberg, passing a porch in a paved courtyard on the first floor (2nd US) of a brick building and stone was the apartment of the last years of the romantic master Delacroix still with its second empire cachet. It has 350 sq meters of space! with a rotating 1100 work of arts 150 at a time. The Musée Delacroix located at 6, rue de Fürstenberg,webpage:

It is here that the Baron Taylor, a man of giving and culture man of Belgian origins, host the artists in need from 1844.  Completively renovated in 2013, the building of five floors was enlarge offering  250 m2 of exposition space open to the public.  Located at 1, rue La Bruyère , the webpage for the Fondation Taylor:

A the Bibliothéque Fornay,  belonging to an industrila man of the  XIXe , Samuel-Aimé Forney, that bequest to the city of  Paris a set of work dedicated to education of artists. Here there are 230,000 volumes dedicated to the graphic arts, and fine arts with technical manuals from the XIXe, postal cards, and millions of painted paper samples , etc. It is located at 1, rue du Figuier , Hôtel de Sens, managed by the city of Paris but I will put in French the Friends of the library for more information. webpage:

One of the artists addresses in Paris that still can be say it is intact is that of Ossip Zadkine, of Russian origin come to Paris in  1910 to the same address as the museum today. He worked on the house from 1928 to 1967, with his wife Valentine Prax.  She bequested the house to the city of Paris  located at rue d’Assas , and it opened to the public in 1982. Musée Zadkine, 100bis rue d’Assas. Webpage:

And we go the butte or hill, here in Montmartre you find the Maison du Bel Air from the 17C, a museum to the glory of Montmartre ,and its bohemian life style open in 1960. Later, it was enlarge with the last month atelier of  Valadon-Utrillo, bringing in the mansion or hôtel Demarne where the father Tanguy  sold its colors to the impressionnistes. Its stairs give to small rooms with paintings of  Kupka, Toulouse-Lautrec, Modigliani, Steinlen… etc.  Located at 12, rue Cortot,musée de Montmartre, webpage:

Jean-Paul Favand, the founder of the mondane arts and former antique fleas marketeer has put together a treasure. Musée des Arts Forains, Located at  53, avenue des Terroirs-de-France; webpage :

One very dear to me spent many visits here, is the Mona Bismarck American Center at 34 avenue de New York. In  1986,upond the death of Countess Mona Bismarck  ,an American passion with Arts and philanthropist activities the mansion became a foundation.  It was the site of many American institutions that are now relocated elsewhere. The site has change name to the American Center for the Arts and Culture. It is a wonderful building bordering the river Seine near the Musée d’Art Moderne, dating from the  19C, and with a great deep garden well maintained. webpage:

The Musée Gustave Moreau, sits away from the crowds and it is one of the most exquisite museum of Paris. It was done in a building from the end of the 19C by the painter himself.  it is done around a colimaçon stair, with shop and living furniture including almost 400 symbolic paintings  It is located at 14, rue de La Rochefoucauld .webpage:

And the Maison du Balzac, where he wrote the  La Comédie humaine. You see his work office partially recontructed and his manuscripts. Located at   47, rue Raynouard, webpage:

There you go folks, my humble contribution to tell tell of museums of Paris. There are many and you can spent the whole year on them , we love it. Hope you do too,and come to see these ones, well worth the detour.

And remember, happy travels, good health,and many cheers to all!!

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