Italy, this is Carpi!!!

Ok so I used to come by here often almost every year for the last 10. Then , I was out for a couple of years and came back. Nice Carpi in the province of  Modena , region of Emilia Romagna, Italy . Let me bring this up with updated text and new but old photos of Carpi.

I was back by Carpi on a shorter trip than usual just a couple of days but nice as always around here.

As usual, had to go to catch my TGV at Nantes train station so needed to drive from home almost 2 hrs. The TGV was nice and quick to Roissy CDG airport, from where took my AF flight to Bologna Marconi airport. There taxi shuttle to Carpi. To note one of the few times took the train to Roissy CDG airport, yes it can be done from Nantes and now Vannes too.

I have become very familiar with the train station in Nantes for my connections even to the airport. The train station is in city center not far from the castle of the dukes of Brittany (old Brittany now in Pays de la Loire region) . The official page for the gare de Nantes:

You know from my rambling if have been reading my blog on going by Roissy CDG airport that many do not undertand but I find it easy. To start ,is not in Paris, is not even in 75, but in a combination territory of Roissy en France, Val d’Oise dept 95 and Tremblay en France, Seine Saint Denis dept 93 , and a bit in Mory-Motry Seine et Marne dept 77 in the region of Ïle de France. After all commonly call by many the main Paris airport or CDG or Charles de Gaulle. The laid out of terminals at CDG:

And I flew on Air France to the Guglielmo Marconi Bologna airpor short and easy ride as the airport is not as big and nicely done. webpage:

And my ride into town with class was done by Mr G at Auto Blu Noleggi. Used him /them several times always nice and ponctuel at the right price cash better. Webpage:


I was taken to the Hotel Carpi, literally here my home away from home in the area, good for the fashion industry of which the area is well known. I even got my Adidas shirts done for the Real Madrid with my son’s name on the back! A nice souvenir indeed. Oh yes the hotel is very contemporary modern and near the main road at the same time outside the entrance to the city center of Carpi. Always a pleasant stay here! webpage:


I ate the first night light snacks in the hotel Carpi as was a bit late and tired . Then for lunch went out to a real restaurant . Just a couple hundred meters there are a bunch of eating places. I chose the Roadhouse Grill Via Delle Magliaie, 5/7, very nice decorated and well received. Even try my Italian lol! service was good the burger and miller genuine draft beer was good and needed. Nice place. webpage:


For dinner went along with my local friends who decided to try a beer place brewing their own and they were paying!! This was Giustospirito. However, when we got there, the terminal was broken so only cash. Lol they did not have it but I did so we made a deal. I will pay for the resto and they will pay next day my transfter to the airport: done. I had a great romano picante pizza and house beers plus coffee did the trick and the girls were the best looking  I have seen while in the area; I think they must have been models as it is a fashion area. Webpage:

The story above ended that the transfer to the airport was more expensive than the meal so I won, and my friends were impressed by my business negotiation tactics lol!!! Too bad cannot find picture of the resto..

The next day after doing some business in town, went out for lunch to a very nice sportclub restaurant that was a delightful place of good cheers , great buffet food and main dish of tagliatini di porcini something like that !! and it was great with a good Le Focaie local red wine. The place was the Ristorante Sporting Club di Michele. The webpage:



And there you folks another nice escapade to nearby Italy and my fav area other than Rome and Milan to be around in Italy is Carpi. It was time to be back home in my lovely Bretagne so did the reverse order, taken the same classy service shuttle to G Marconi airport at Bologna, and my Air France flight to CDG Paris, down to the SNCF TGV train service to Nantes , pickup my car and go home. A real European tour!

Always nice souvenirs of these trips and looking forward to do them again soon , the virus permitting. Hope you enjoy the brief and do come to Carpi and the area as less known but very nice indeed

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Not to be confused with Capri 🙂

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