Barcelona, I was back!!!

And indeed i was back after several years; catching up on these older posts in my blog with fresh text part of my black and white series of lately. Bear with me I feel these were buried and need to see the light, worth it me think. Barcelona has nice memories and friendly chats of old as this is from 2014. See my newer posts on Barcelona and pictures of its monuments in my blog. Well do not have pictures of the hotel in my blog lol so will not be a so much B&W post after all lol!!!

I did my usual flight pattern from Nantes Atlantique airport to Roissy CDG to then Barcelona Prats airport; nice modern airport in the outskirts actually in the town of El Prat de Llobregat .webpage:

I head it out listening to friends who asked me to try the public transport as I am always there by taxi. Well took the Aérobus from the airport to Plaça de Espanya, purchase the round trip payable to the bus driver! webpage:

From here I went over to the metro line 3 to get to my hotel near Maria Cristina stop. The metro was sweaty very hot day and it shows, I thought I was going to be on a fast diet from the sweat. However, it is clean nice ride for a Sunday! The organism that handles the metro or bus is TMB.webpage

I ,then ,walk to my hotel the Princesa Sofia (old Intercontinental hotel) ,now this was great. A heaven to come to every day and see the city in style!! Webpage:



I took a room in the 3rd floor, nice clean, good views of the front entrance and Ave Diagonal, just what the doctor ordered when you arrive from going around this public transportation trip! There is a nice pool, and Biergarten bar for a cold beer when needed. Also,a Spa and gym that is nice but little time to use it. The breakfast were great and plentyful, and the restaurant nice and friendly staff.

While there , did not wanted to eat at a hotel restaurant thus, so we had a discussion with the concierge, and finally decided to go to the La Fonda del Port, which of course is at the harbor of Barcelona, and plenty of seafood and tapas. We had a great time there. I have a separate post on restaurants in Barcelona in my blog.

We finished early and not about to end the night, so we went to the Casino de Barcelona, for a look at slots machines that I did go last back in Atlantic City ,New Jersey ,USA!!! The casino is nearby at the Port Olympic, but we took a taxi to get here for about 15 euros. Webpage:

barcelona casino de barcelona may14

We went around checking out all the machines, and table games, the restaurant /bar in lower level, and finally went out into our night searching for more thrills and events;;;;; walking around it we cave in to a wonderful place where you go down a stair of tall wooden men like Egyptian or Indian statues into the lower floor , tables and couch awaits you ,where you can take off your shoes and go into a sofa style bedding/table awaits for your drinks and be merry life full ahead, massages available extra. We stumbled into the Carpe Diem Lounge Club describe above or the CDLC, a wonderful place Worth coming back for it. Portos away and classy beautiful sights and looks. webpage:

We came very late of course, but had a great time and a nice hotel bed to rest on. Next day we set out into town again, this time we walk past Gran Via de Carles III then the Rambla Brasil and turning into Carrer Sants we end up in a nice Basque restaurant call Txalaparta (see it under the Barcelona restaurant post). This is like been back in basque country with great Basque cider and Navarra wine of Monjardin red with a wonderful tuna steak with red peppers and a nice crema catalana dessert.  The resto name is a Basque music instrument that after making cider, the same board was used to pressed the apples later was to call the neighbors. Then, a celebration was held and txalaparta played cheerfully, while cider was drunk. This place had no music but it was definitely nice and loud, good food and plenty of good cheers.

In between time was allowed to walk around Montjuic plenty of wonderful buildings and great people watching. At my return, took the same metro line 3 to plaça Espanya and there in a middle bay took the Aérobus to the airport at Prats. My flight was great to Roissy CDG on Air France of course, and then on to Nantes-Atlantique  where my car was waiting at parking P2 and the ride home arriving by midnight. Another nice short trip but full of memories and old and new friends. Great!!

Hope you enjoy the post and do enjoy Barcelona. Something I did on future trips. The anecdote is that my oldest son visited before I ever did as he took a class exchange student program and lived with a family in the city! I did enjoy it too.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Ooohh…my favorite city .. what wonderful memories!😍 have a good day😊

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