Gastronomic Paris, world center of food and wine, yes….!

Ok so here I come with another list, well sorry, excuse me, desolé, perdon shoot me, but Paris is worth more , a lot more.  So much put into a small frame city like not to be found anywhere with less than 106 square km or 41 square miles!

Let me give some culinary delights just getting ready for the season to be merrier at least more than others.  Here is a list of the restaurants people swear to come to Paris, and as always I can only agree. The list is

Pierre Gagnaire, 6, rue Balzac, 8éme.

L’Astrance, 4, rue Beethoven, 16éme.

Alain Passard-L’Arpèrge84, rue de Varenne, 7éme.

La Tour d’Argent15, quai de la Tournelle, 5éme.

Le Chateaubriand129, av. Parmentier, 11éme.

Le Baratin, 3, rue Jouye-Rouve, 20éme .

Le Jules VerneTour Eiffel, IIe étage, Champ-de-Mars, 7éme.

Le Café de Flore, 172, bd Saint-Germain, 6éme.

Le Petit Vendome, 8, rue des Capucines, 2éme.

Le Grand Colbert, 2, rue Vivienne 2éme.

Aux Lyonnais, 32, rue Saint-Marc, 2éme.

Drouant, 16 Place Gaillon, 2éme.

The old Cityvox gave room to the Yelp site is for lovers of Paris,where I used to write reviews on Restaurants in French under an alias…there is a link to it in my blog bottom page.

We can then talk about the 7éme arrondissement de Paris, for all thats where the tour Eiffel is…and more…Some of my favorites places/hangouts over the years there are

Bistro de Paris 33, rue de Lille.

Café de Mars 11, rue Augereau :

Chez Françoise, esplanade des Invalides – Aérogare des Invalides.

 Café de l’Esplanade,52, rue Fabert ,across the Invalides.

Thoumieux 79, rue Saint-Dominique.

La Fontaine de Mars, 129, rue Saint Dominique.

How about a nice  baguette, well its all over, but here in the neighborhood is nice ;Boulangerie Pâtisserie Aux Délices de Mimi  178, rue de Grenelle 7éme.

My favorite because my father likes the rices there, and ,also, many spices  is L’épicerie de Bruno, lots of rices in small metal cans from many parts of the world 30, rue Tiquetonne.

And some nice pralines, and chocos delicious and stores in Paris elsewhere too,  à la Mère de Famille 47, rue Cler, 7éme.

The English group of restaurants Pret à Manger is at La Defense, at the Centre Commerciale Les Quatre Temps, under the Dome at level or niveau 3.  Their first resto in France. The food fresh is taken from the Paris huge food market at Rungis and its done by Franco-Anglo chefs.  Here is their webpage:

The American trend of Brunch is becoming more trendy each week there is new places doing this style of restaurant service, so look for them as good value and great French food to boot.  Les Pipelettes,31 rue Brézin  14éme. webpage:

This brunch thingy is very popular at La Gare restaurant in my beloved Muettes quartier of the 16éme arrondissement as well especially on Sundays! Several posts on the resto in my blog over the years!

And now you have plenty to go around, and enjoy the culinary genious of Me;;;oh noooo Paris. I can eat well but bad cook lol! I can match the wines thus!! hope you enjoy the post and see/tell me if you have tried any ok.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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