Steakhouse in Campinas, Brazil!!

Ok here I am again for lack of a better name using my best creative mind ….. I like to tell you another wonderful personal experience in beautiful Brazil.

The story here was that had a long time friend here of over 20 years, not seen. This came from my previous visits to the country coming from FL USA. Once moved to France in 2003, I lost contact with many on the other side of the pond. Contact meaning gettting together with them. Then, it happened as all good things should.

My previous job had me going to Brazil a lot, and once they mentioned Paulinia in Sao Paulo State I realised this is close to the city of Sao Paulo. I had an old email that by magic still worked and contacted Daniel. He immediately very happy agreed to meet me. Daniel is a business owner of a industrial factory in the State of Sao Paulo closer to the city of the same name whose wife came from Spain where they met in Brazil and had a daughter there.

He invited me to eat at a neutral site, in Campinas! I was with another couple of local friends and they tag alone. Well so happened my old friend knew them as they were in the same line of business!! Needless to say the conversation was lively and technical afterward many caïpirinhas!!!

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

we ate at the Churrasqueria Estancia Grill in Campinas near on the side of Paulinia, it was the usual churrasqueria (sort of like a steakhouse) with meat cuts , salads, and drinks, nice family ambiance, and decoration country style.  The Churrasqueria Estancia Grill is at  Avenida Albino Jose Barbosa de Oliveira 271 Jardim Santa Genebra II, Campinas, State of Sao Paulo.

Created with Nokia Smart Cam

The Churrasqueria or steakhouse with the best Rodizio of Baron Geraldo, with the best choice of noble meats. Complete Rodizio with Buffet at will! Hot table, cold table and salads, pasta table, Sushi and Sashimi, Experience their Picanha steaks, that painted on the Ember, and the most succulent Lamb of Baron! And on Sundays, come and taste the salmon in the caper sauce. The staff were very friendly and helpful. The buffet also includes freshly made pasta dishes and other hot dishes.

Present in 2003 in the city of Campinas, the Churrascaria Estancia Grill   has a pleasant and comfortable environment to enjoy with your family The Churrascaria has its own valet parking, aiming at the comfort and safety of its customers. Also, it has kids space with monitors. They do not charge a service fee!

The official webpage is here:

From Brazil Restaurant Guru on the Churrasqueria Estancia Grill and photos here in Portuguese:

And of course, they ,also have a Facebook page:

There you go folks, needed to give it more exposure in my blog as it was a pleasant happy moment for many. Looking forward to meet again, hoping is not 20 years as our time is running out!!. We do stay in touch by today’s modern techno lol!!! Enjoy the Churrasqueria Estancia Grill if in the area recommended, and Campinas.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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