Brazil and Vinhedo!!!

Ok so this is one of those surprises, twice. First, looking over my blog I realised do not have a post on Vinhedo except the monastery there. Pity. The second surprise was that due to a friend that lives there, I was able to visit the city and share some moment in his house with his family and eat out with the in laws family. Nice memories indeed I like to tell you more about Vinhedo.

So here I am to talk to you about Brazil. There is a story behind my continuing writing on this country. I have written several blog posts on Brazil and you can do search to find a plethora of information on the country in my blog.  Coming inland into Sao Paulo State, better known for the big city is awesome. You feel the real people, the real country of Brazil.

Vinhedo is a town in the State of São Paulo. It is located in the mesoregion of Campinas, 75 km from São Paulo.  I had the opportunity to do several trips to Brazil over the years covering the 1998 to 2018 period ,both from the USA and France. I have learned Portuguese over these years, and its a country that almost came to live too (read previous post on Curitiba).

vinhedo sp town entr may17

As we say here la vie est belle, or life is beautiful or la vida es chula, there we say A Vida É Bela!!! Enjoy Vinhedo, Sao Paulo, Brazil!!!

Of course, I stayed in a hotel as my friend at the moment had his in laws visiting and well no space. I did went to eat with the whole gang!! The hotel was the Plaza Hotel Vinhedo.Opened in 2006, Plaza Hotel has 79  rooms and 6 bungalows. Strategically located 75 km from São Paulo and 22 km from Viracopos airport. The Plaza Hotel provides complete infrastructure for events and accommodation. The hotel is located 5 minutes from the city center of Vinhedo and access to the highway is easy and fast. I walked there the moment i arrived and see the funny story that I found a resto that later recommended to my local friend!! He did an event there with 34 persons and all love the resto, so now I can say I am the culinary expert on the town lol!!!

The Plaza Hotel webpage in Portuguese here:

vinhedo sp plaza hotel entr side may17

vinhedo sp plaza hotel pool deck may17

vinhedo sp plaza hotel restaurant gala may17

The Vineyard Grape Festival or Festa da Uva is held annually in February, at Jayme Ferragut Municipal Park. In addition to celebrating the grape, the party pays tribute to immigrants, especially Italians, who came to the region and were part of the construction of the city. The first Grape Festival took place in 1948 and is currently the biggest event in the city, with a lot of parties and great shows.

The local government of Vinhedo on the grape festival in Portuguese:

Due to immigrants especially from Italy here, the wine is king. There are several wineries and the wine is pretty good. From the local friend and my own tasting, will give you my two favorites.

The Familia Ferragute Winery is the largest winery open to the public in Vinhedo. The property offers several types of artisanal wines and a delicious natural grape juice, free of preservatives, as well as other rural products, such as cachaças and jams.

The Familia Baccetti Winery. The Baccetti family came from Italy to the Vinhedo region at the beginning of the 20C and dedicated to the production of artisan wines. The production has always involved the whole family and until today the service is done by them. Visitors can buy and taste natural grape juice, wines and products from partner producers.

The Jayme Ferragut Municipal Park has 92,500 m², a lake, walking area, picnic area, sports court, skate park and municipal water park, in addition to the Scoteiro (scouts) de Vinhedo Group headquarters. The biggest events in the city take place there, such as the Grape Festival and the National Meeting of Bikers in Vinhedo, one of the largest in the country. It is located at Avenida Apparecida Tellau Seraphim.

vinhedo sp parque farragut fairsground japan expo may17

Other than the monasterty (see post) there is a nice church in city center.  The main Church of Santa Anna ,was built when the city was still called the Rocinha District and was dedicated to Sant’Anna, (Sainte Anne) who would become the city’s patron saint. In 1958 the current church was built in place of the previous one, with donations from its faithful for almost a decade.

Vinhedo SP Church Matriz Sta Ana may17

The portal of the Christ. It is a huge statue of Christ located in one of the highest points of the city and the visit provides a panoramic view of the region. You can see the beautiful city below especially at sunset. The place has a playground, rest area, parking and an acoustic shell with 50 seats. It is located at Rodovia Edenor João Tasca, s / n, Observatório.

Vinhedo SP mirador Christ may17

Vinhedo SP mirador view of city may17

I did went with my friend, wife, daughter ,husband, and the parents of the husband to a local resto Q Maria which is a gourmet grocery store and restaurant in city center. Superbe ! On the restaurant side you can have Japanese sushi style food!!! And I tried everything lol::: ! Not wanting to photo a private event, the picture is from my table to the hallway. Here is their Facebook page:

vinhedo sp o-maria resto hallway may17

The local government of Vinhedo on things to see in Portuguese including the above.

So there, now I feel better to have this wonderful trip with a personal touch on beautiful Brazil and of course on a new spot there for me now known with great souvenirs, Vinhedo in Sao Paulo State. Hope you enjoy the post as I do

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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