El Rancho ,and my family!

So here is one from deep within the vaults of photos, and a nice story for us,which I hope you like it too. Having an international touch, we taste many foods from many countries and one of our favorites is the Tex Mex type. In France, they are still learning this cuisine but more and more coming around.

We first met it here at El Rancho restaurant chain in Versailles, and then there is history. I like to tell you about El Rancho and my family!

As said, we were surprise to find El Rancho right next to the rive gauche château of Versailles train station REC C. So of course, we went in and was a fund family affair, and memories of our previous lives in America.  We left Versailles for the Morbihan Breton and just a year later came back looking forward to eat here again, when we saw the restaurant all board up and closed! We thought that was the end of El Rancho, but no they are survivals. At the Versailles location there is now a KFC franchise restaurant which we have not tried.

versailles El Rancho old with martine noel xavier aug11

However , before that we visited two other restaurants of the chain one closed and one still open!

Located in the large Velizy 2 shopping center in Vélizy-Villacoublay ,was a perfect match for shopping and continuing the tex mex tradition of ours. the  El Rancho tex mex restaurant here we, also,  had some fun family times there and remember it well, just for the memories that will never go away, this post is dedicated to all families. The shopping center thus is still there and now has the new owner of most of the El Rancho under their new banner Old Wild West restaurant : https://fr.westfield.com/velizy2/restaurant/Old%20Wild%20West/65353

Velizy II El Rancho 26sep2009

And there was another one we went at Flins sur Seine, where on an open shopping center the El Rancho tex mex restaurant stand alone. This was the last one open,and bizarre it is still open at the ZAC Les Mériels road D14  right off the A13 autoroute de Normandie!!!

Overall, our experiences were the same in all three. First of all, the welcome, the smiling and really friendly service. Inside, there is a tex mex -Mexican atmosphere, it’s clean, colorful, not too noisy despite the many families present, and the 15 ° air conditioning will delight American tourists and some locals too ::). The menu offers tex mex -Mexican-inspired cuisine based on fatty plates or junk food, fried foods, guacamole and melted cheese, if you are on a diet, go away!. Well, anyway, the food arrives with impressive speed. El Rancho remains good value for money, surroundings, ambiance and hospitality. In short, a good plan that will also make children happy. The small lounge area on entering is nice for a drink at any time of the day. The Flins sur Seine restaurant is here: http://www.elrancho.fr/nos-restaurants/mexicain-flins/

Flins ins El Rancho resto pipo RF MF NF jul12

El Rancho is the first chain of Tex-Mex restaurants in France to offer Mexican specialties opening their first restaurant in 1992, in Melun (Seine et Marne dept 77), and has since rose to 28 restaurants in different regions. For its part, the El Rancho SA group, which still owns the El Rancho brand, which still covers two franchised restaurants and one of its own, has begun an overhaul of the concept.

The other properties most were taken over by the multi-brand Italian group Cigierre (Compagnia Generale Ristorazione S.p.A.) founded in 1995, and confirms its ambitions on the French market. With 307 establishments on the counter in Italy ,last I could count, under 5 brands :Old Wild West; typed steak house, burger and Tex-Mex, Wiener Haus ;German brasserie, Shi’s; for sushi, Pizzikotto ;for the pizzeria and American Graffiti ;for the Diner’s. Which already have experience with Wiener Haus in Rome Italy and very good too ::) Their webpage is here for info. https://www.cigierre.com/en/22812/Company

Therefore, this post is on El Rancho tex mex restaurants is for the memories of always, fun , happy family times in our belle France. The properties of course are in my old home of Yvelines dept 78, Ïle de France region. Now feel better to have the story in my blog. Hope you too have enjoy it and do try it!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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