Monastery Sainte Anne and library of Lannion!

Ok so here I am back home in lovely Lannion north of me in department Côtes d’Armor 22 of my beautiful Bretagne in my belle France. I have written before on Lannion of course, but left wonderful monuments out and need to remedy that. I like to tell you a bit about the former Monastery of Sainte Anne today the Mediathéque or library complex of Lannion!

lannion mon sainte anne now library ent mar16

The Monastery of Sainte Anne , story goes that first there was a Hôtel-Dieu or hospice here in the 12C until replaced in the 17C by a convent housing the order of the Augustinians (misericordia of Jesus) . In the French revolution, they were expelled only to come back in 1805. In 2006, it was converted into the Library or mediathéque of the city. You can now rent the Chapelle de Sainte Anne done in 1902, and the Chapelle des Ursulines from the 17C is also attach offering a cultural exhibition space today.


I like to tell you about the architecture and history of it ,I like

The Sainte-Anne Hospital or the primitive Hôtel-Dieu was founded by the Kergomar family who affixed their coat of arms in 1630. It was then located in the parish of Loguivy. The building would have suffered greatly from the wars of the League towards the end of the 16C. In the second half of the 17C,  it looked like a wooden bridge building, adjoining a small chapel dedicated to Saint Anne. This building contained two rooms for the poor and ran along the rue de Kérampont. The whole then becomes the property of the Augustines or Hospitallers of the Mercy of Jesus. In February 1667, five hospitable nuns from Quimper took possession of this hospice and its outbuildings. Between 1667 and 1672, they restored and enlarged the buildings thanks to the generosity of several benefactors. A priest, Father Corentin de Kermeno de Plivern cousin of the superior and close collaborator of Father Maunoir, took charge of the establishment and devoted his personal fortune to it. The chaplain remained until his death in 1716. He was buried in the Sainte-Anne chapel (his grave was transferred in 1900 to the new chapel while his original funeral plaque is in the Avant-Choeur) where you could see his tomb emblazoned with his arms: fashioned of gold and silver with six pieces. In the 17C, the hospital depended on the bishopric of Dol, of which the abbot of Kermeno was the vicar general his tomb was the large chapel.


In 1753, the restoration of the convent chapel began, and in 1767 that of the buildings of the Hospice. During the terror of the French revolution, the Sisters were imprisoned in Tréguier, but the hospital was returned to them in 1805. It was rebuilt under the second empire and inaugurated on October 23, 1866. During the 19-20C, it was enlarged. The large chapel was raised to the glory of Sainte-Anne and inaugurated in 1900. Disused at the end of the 19C, the old chapel was rented in 1935 to an ironworker, before being taken over by the nuns to settle there. a home for young workers. From December 1975 the hospital was transferred to the new buildings near the Kergomar manor, which then became a retirement home. Part of the monastery buildings will be transformed into a home for the elderly, and another part into housing for able-bodied people. In June 2003, the Sainte-Anne Community sold its heritage and the municipal council of the time, decided to acquire the monastery in 2003. The building was then converted into the media library we see today.

Acquired by the City of Lannion in 2003 following the sale by the Sainte-Anne Community. The Espace Sainte Anne offers you today: The Alain Gouriou Media Library, or mediathéque. Dare to stroll around and discover the 100,000 documents at your disposal in this splendid 1500 m² building! Access to the multimedia library and to printed documents, reading and individual listening on site are free. A conference room, An entertainment room, Meeting rooms, Permanence rooms, A cafeteria, An exhibition gallery, A digital space, Dedicated association premises, The Youth Information Point (PIJ), The Information and Orientation Center (CIO), the offices of the service of cultural life, the offices of the municipal opposition, and an interior courtyard that can accommodate entertainment concludes the complex.


The Library Alain Gouriou and al of Lannion in French here: City of Lannion on the Espace Sainte Anne

The official webpage of the library of Lannion in French: Lannion library page

There you go blending architecture, history , and modern facilities to boot all under one roof at nice Lannion up north. Hope you enjoy and why not visit a library in France ! Hope it helps you decide.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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