Paris from above!!!

Oh well don’t we want to see the whole of Paris? It would be magical, there are spots where you can see parts of Paris from above and they are magical indeed. I look and do not see a post on this subject so therefore, here is my take on the beautiful city of Paris looking down!

One of my fav photo of all time, and been not a good photographer having this picture is a treasure. Climbing the north tower of Notre Dame Cathedral towards the spiral of the Sainte Chapelle, the Seine river down to the Pont de l’Archêvéche, pont de la  Tournelle, pont de Sully, and further pont d’Austerlitz! Gorgeous indeed me think.


And of course from the same Notre Dame Cathedral all the way to the Eiffel tower, majestic, the St Louis Church of the Invalides just behind it and further on the right Montmartre, and the forefront, Church St Germain des Prés! magical!!


And here is another dandy, from tour Eiffel this time. You see the école militaire and Invalides, St Germain des Prés Church, and the Notre Dame Cathedral further been a bit cloudy. Paris from above is sublime , well all of Paris!


And we continue our flying high journy of my eternal Paris. Even from a metro/subway! This is going to work meeting on line 6 passing quai Branly and see the Tour Eiffel!


And from my latest Gare Montparnasse not too high, overlooking the Place Raoul Dautry, and the tour Montparnasse, bus terminal on left.


And bien sûr, from the top of the Arc de Triomphe down on Avenue des Champs-Elysées, who would not? at least once, the views are spectacular on a clear day.  Where I can see my favorite restaurants there, sentimental, first time with my then girlfriend later wife at Bistro Romain (since closed and now bistro des champs) and all the way back to the place de la Concorde! Awesome!


And how about from the Arc de Triomphe but directed at the tour Eiffel! magical shot indeed!


Another one not so high, but sentimental as was my first ever encounter with trains in France lol! Gare Saint Lazare was my old entry point to Paris for work from Versailles rive droite station!!! And the views over the rue du Havre crossing with rue St lazare was nice indeed!


One of my all time favorites, going up from Gare St Lazare to take the best overall views of Paris in Suresnes, Mont Valerien , awesome shot of my eternal Paris! Sacre Coeur, tour Montparnasse , and in details  see othere like the Arc de Triomphe .A photographer’s dream!!!


And one of my treasures not to be duplicated, with my dear late wife Martine climbing top floor of the Samaritaine dept store (now gone) and romantic night view of Paris,peniches boats on the Seine river, up to Invalides St Louis Church, and tour Eiffel! Romantically sublime!!!

And would not want to leave this post ,since giving two photos from office in Paris and glorious shots from our top floor balcony window. A nice way to have a lunch in Paris! Souvenirs of always.


Dome Ch St Louis Invalides on left


Tour Eiffel!

And there made some photos come alive in my blog, as Paris is eternal and from above magical. We will always have Paris! Hope you enjoy the photo post on Paris from above!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and, many cheers to all!!!!

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