pont de l’Alma ,Paris!

Ok so here I am inspire again on writing about the different spots around my eternal Paris. The whole world comes to Paris , yes it is nice, I just wish they see my belle France. As said, Hemingway wrote the Movable Feast printed posthume, if he had traveled more he would have written a second volume, France is a movable feast!

Having said that, let me tell you about some of the bridges of Paris, sublime, beautiful, architecturally stunning and full of wonderful history. And why not start with the Pont de l’Alma!

The pont de l’Alma bridge   crosses the Seine. This bridge connects Quai Branly in the 7éme arrondissement, on the left bank to Avenue de New York in the 8éme arrondissement and the 16éme arrondissements, on the right bank. On the right bank, it separates the ports of Conference and Debilly, and on the left bank, those of Gros-Caillou and La Bourdonnais. The north end of the bridge is served by the Alma – Marceau metro line 9 station, and the south end, by the Pont de l’Alma RER C station. Its name commemorates the Battle of Alma ,1854 during the Crimean War. The bridge was built from 1854 to 1856 It was inaugurated by Napoleon III on April 2, 1856.


For the 1900 Universal Exhibition, the bridge was doubled upstream by a footbridge, known as the Passarelle de l’Alma footbridge. From 1970 to 1974, the bridge was completely replaced, due to its narrowness and settlement. The Pont de l’Alma bridge is located near the tunnel where the Princess of Wales, Lady Diana was fatally injured on August 31, 1997. This tunnel, often called the tunnel de pont de l’Alma, is actually between the Place de l’Alma square and bridge. Overhanging this tunnel stands the Flame of Liberty, (see post) a life-size replica of the flame of the Statue of Liberty. It was diverted from its initial function and spontaneously became a place of contemplation for the admirers of the deceased princess. The right-of-way on which the monument is located is called Place Diana.(see post)

On the old bridge, each of the two piers was decorated, upstream side and downstream side, by a statue representing one of the four regiments having valiantly fought during the Crimean War: a zouave and a grenadier and a hunter on foot and an artilleryman. The Pont de l’Alma was rebuilt between 1970 and 1974 having only one pier, only the zouave has been preserved , and the other three statues have been moved. The statue of the zouave (see post) serves as a popular instrument for measuring the floods of the Seine. When the level of the Seine reaches the feet of this zouave, the paths on the banks are generally closed. When the water rises to the thighs of the zouave, the Seine is no longer navigable. During the historic flood of 1910, the water rose to the shoulders. Following the replacement of the bridge in 1970-1974, the zouave is now lower than originally. With equal reference, the floods it reports are therefore less significant. Nowdays, the administration measures the level of floods at the Pont de la Tournelle.

Some of the films I like on it are the 2010: Les Petits Mouchoirs, by Guillaume Canet . Music wise I like the 1968: Merry Christmas by Barbara; album: Le Soleil noir, and 2009: Lady Diana of Fatals Picards; album: The Sense of Gravity.

The Paris tourist office on the Pont de l’Alma in English: Paris tourist office on the Pont de l’Alma

And there you go folks, another dandy in my beautiful Paris, once bitten, the virus of love stays with you. Hope you enjoy the post on the Pont de l’Alma of Paris!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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