Brech or Brec’h!!!

Ok this is small but what a pack of architecture and especially history it has! I was lucky to lived in it briefly when first came into the Morbihan breton dept 56 from Versailles in the Yvelines dept 78 way back. And of course, I have written about some of the things to see in Brec’h in my blog.

However, I like to tell you a bit on the town and village I lived and my first apartment in Brittany!!! So for lack of better creativity let me show a bit more of Brech or Brec’h!

Brech is crossed by the Loc’h river, that goes on and becoming the Auray river into the Gulf of Morbihan and then the Atlantic ocean!. Brec’h is a neighboring town of eight other towns namely , Pluvigner, Auray, Landaul, Locoal-Mendon, Plumergat, Pluneret, Ploemel and Crach. Brec’h, in Breton, means mount or hill. It is composed of believe or not, 22 villages! (of course only about 7 can be call even a village the rest are just a couple houses and rien!) These are Bonerfaven, Le Beudrec, Botergollec ; Brégoharne, Brézéhan, Calan , Corn er Hoet (my first town/village in Brittany! Breton name means edge of the woods), Kerdrain ,Kerglas , Kergornic ,Kerguéro , Kermané ; Kervalh ,Lann er Rheu; Lann Palvern ;Mané-Salut ; Penhoet ; Saint-Dégan is the biggest village and was probably founded in the 6C, par Saint Dégan; Saint-Guérin ; Tréavrec , Treumer, et Toulchignanet.

A bit of history I like

A Gallic deposit was unearthed in the 19C. Dated 1C BC. the deposit, attributed to the Venetians (gauls of the area of Vannes or Vénètes), contains a set of small Armorican ridges and ornaments in polychrome and metallic glass paste, bronze and gold.   On September 29, 1364, the battle of Auray takes place near the marsh of Kerzo .The future Duke Jean de Montfort (Jean IV) triumphs over his rival Charles de Blois (later he was beautified by Pope Pius X in 1904). Charles was killed, while his second, the knight Bertrand Du Guesclin, was taken prisoner. This victory puts an end to the War of Britain’s Succession. In August 1795, near the same Kerzo marsh, about 795 Royalist and Chouan emigrants were shot after the landing of Quiberon failed. In the Field of Martyrs, a mausoleum was built in 1828 in commemoration. The remains are now in the Chartreuse of Auray.

In May 2015, Prince Louis de Bourbon (legitimate aspirant as king Louis XX and born in Madrid) went to Brec’h, with his wife Princess Marie-Marguerite (born in Venezuela), during his official visit to Morbihan. He then announced the financing of the restoration of the Expiatory Chapel of Champ-des-Martyrs by the Maison de Bourbon. Or Field of Martyrs by the House of Bourbon.And I was there!

I have given some insights on the things to see here in my blog so just resume them as the  Saint-André Church (12C-19C). The Chartreuse or charterhouse of Auray built in 1382 in memory of the dead of the battle of Auray. And the Expiatory Chapel of the Champ-des-Martyrs, built in memory of the Breton royalists executed during the French revolution. The water mill of Estaing dating from the 15C. The Saint-Dégan eco-museum traces the rural life of the town and life in Brittany in the past. Located in the heart of the village of Saint-Dégan.

General and Marshal of France (posthume) Georges Cadoudal was a figure of Chouannerie in Brittany (who fought against the French revolutionaries). Born and lived in the manor of Kerléano which at the time, a hamlet in the town of Brec’h; and now part of Auray. You can visit the field of martyr and his mausoleum as well as see from outside his house now lived by his descendants. Georges Cadoudal, born in Brec’h on January 1, 1771 and died guillotined on June 25, 1804 in Paris, was a Chouan general, commander of the Catholic and Royal Army of Brittany.

And the site where the Chouans , farmers of Brittany fought the French revolution and were executed in 1795 is now the town of Brech  (the remains are now at the Chartreuse d’Auray), here stays a site of rememberance, for it cause a break that still is talk about in this area by the elders. Its call the Champs des Martyrs or heroes field. A chapel was built in 1829 still there amongst the trees. With the insignias in Latin , “Hic Cecide runt” (or here they fell) ,and “In Memoria Eterna Erunt Justi” (in the eternal memory, they will be right).  It is on the way from Sainte Anne d’Auray to Brech turn on the signs and they will guide you into the departmental roads here.

The Carthusian order founded by Saint Bruno settled there in 1482 and was expelled in 1791 during the French revolution. The 17C Saint-Quirin Chapel, its classic altarpiece attributed to the Laval masters, its miraculous fountain and its pardon on the 4th Sunday of July (very popular here with a great procession).

It is not possible to go around the Loc’h river, (I have on some parts entrance of Brech bourg or city center) part of the banks being private property of the Domaine de Mane Er Hoët. The Domaine de Mane Er Hoët is very formerly occupied; Gallo-Roman remains were found and are currently on display at the Vannes Archeo museum. There is also within this property one of the last hollow paths in Morbihan which is assumed to follow the route of one of the ancient Roman roads. The park has a wide variety of species typical of the region. It is crisscrossed by numerous walls marking out the old plots, some of which date back 500 years. The Domaine de Mané Er Hoët is not open to the public unfortunately.

The tourist information can be found plenty around here:  The Baie de Quiberon tourist office will advise and assist you in organizing your stays and weekends in Pays d’Auray. The Tourist Office welcomes you in Auray at 20 rue du Lait. Two branches of the tourist office are located in Pluvigner at place Saint-Michel – 02 97 24 79 18 next to city/town hall, and in Sainte-Anne d´Auray at rue de Vannes – 02 97 24 24 94.

This is the city of Brech on heritage in French: City of Brech on heritage

The Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Brech in French: Bay of Quiberon tourist office on Brech

Ok great, but what about my apartment? well the least for last ho ho ho!! I came here for a better job which turn out even better, the best ever, and very happy thank you. I left the madness of Paris in time ,but I do missed Versailles. As you may know finding an apartment is a time consuming and paperwork loaded period in France for everybody. However, my experiences have been nice and easy. I came and look at one apartment in Vannes which was not to be, and on my second tour was taken to a little town or village Corn er Hoet in Brec’h! The match was perfect in 2011, and I had a four bedroom apartment with the bus stop just before it, small grocery, bakery, doctor, pharmacy, and post office and restos in about 1 km which we went on foot! The funny thing is there was a bar where the owner had an American flag outside! I ask why and he told me because he is thankful for the Americans to free France in WWII, oh boy I was in good relations already! Unfortunately later he close and now there is an even better quality restaurant which we have been too.



The apartment had a back entrance with a cement stairs into an open terrace and then enter the apartment kitchen , grand living dining room, bathroom and then inside stairs to another bathroom and 3 bedrooms all surrounded with windows overlooking the road D768 that goes into the beaches! My boys school bus no 5 stop right outside crossing the street from the apartment. All nice memories, we like the area so much that later in searching for buying a home, we got love away to our current town which I have written pleny on it already too.



In all memorable moments that I must have in my blog for the souvenirs, the memories whatever, a family trail in my blog. Hope you enjoy the story and do come for the historical sights to understand better my adopted Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!

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