Bus of Madrid!

Well as I have said before, people comes to the big cities in Europe and dream of taking the metro/tube like a tourist attraction. Never understood this phenomenon! I come to a city by plane or car or even train but once inside, walk is the best, second is the bus. The bus is above ground and you see everything; in fact, it is like a cheaper tourist bus rides.

I like to tell you a bit more in one single post if possible on the bus network of my beloved Madrid, Spain.

There is a huge bus network runs by CRTM (community )and the EMT (city) with 2000 buses and 200 lines. The network of bus lines covers more than 3,000 kms and has 10,000 stops. They generally start their service around 6h and finish around 23h30. Some lines have slightly more restricted schedules. Madrid has 26 night bus lines, also called Búhos (night owls). These lines operate throughout much of the city overnight. These buses run every day between approximately 23h55 and 5h55. The bus won’t stop unless you waive or raise your hand. If you want to get off at a stop, press one of the red buttons scattered around the bus with some time in advance. As a rule of thumb, bus passengers form a line to enter the vehicle one by one. Please respect it.

The principal terminals EMT  in the city are at Avenida de America, Mendez Alvaro, and Plaza de Castilla, there are other smaller ones such as Moncloa, Principe Pio, and Plaza Eliptica.

For the interurban CRTM, you have big stations at Estación Sur de Madrid ;Méndez Álvaro, 83  with metro Méndez Álvaro  gray circular line 6 exit takes you directly to the bus station.

Estación de Avenida de América ; Avda. de América, 9.  metro Avda. de América  orange line 7;  gray circular line 6;  violet line 9 ;  brown line 4.  All less than 5 minutes walking to the bus station.

Estación de Conde de Casal ,Plaza Conde de Casal, 5. Metro Conde de Casal circular line gray 6 , and less than 5 minutes walking to bus station.

For interurban lines see the CRTM: CRTM bus lines

You go above  for a daytime bus lines hit “Diurnas” and for nightime bus lines hit “ Nocturnas” or All =todas. Then, entered the line number if known. Or on next line choose the line number with end and beginning places. For instance, my experience here has been with Avenida de America station bus line 224 Avenida de America to Torrejon de Ardoz avenida de la Constitucion.

Night buses run on 20 different routes, and each of them runs on Plaza de la Cibeles. This is convenient, as it is only a 15 minute walk from the center (Sol and Gran Via), where most of the nightlife takes place. Some interesting lines for visitors as well as locals are the Line N4: Plaza de Cibeles ↔ Barajas and Line N27: Plaza de Cibeles ↔ Aeropuerto de Barajas.

My bus experience here have been with line 27 Embajadores(near Atocha train station) or at Cibeles to Plaza Castilla stops at Santiago Bernabeu stadiums Bus line 46 Sevilla to Moncloa we went stopping many places and getting back on nice route. My memorable bus line which took while living as a teen in Madrid was 113 now (it was call P13 then).direction Mendez Alvaro to Ciudad Lineal and vice versa of course. I stopped at avenida de Logroño Polideportivo La Elipa to play baseball!!! For the Real Madrid org!!!




The EMT Madrid webpage is here: EMT Madrid bus lines

Above link for the Madrid Bus network the first line tells you “introduzca no. de parada” here you enter the name of the stop if you know it, destination. The other tells you “ seleccione una linea” here you enter the number of the bus line if you know it.

The airport is well served by EMT buses. Line 200 runs daily from Adolfo Suarez Barajas Airport T1 T2 and T3 to Avenida de América . Line 204 will take you from the T4 to Avenida de América. You can also travel from the airport T1 T2 and T3 towards Canillejas, where you can take the metro green line 5 to the center, on bus line 101.However, never taken any of these.

There is a nice Airport Express which have taken several times from T4 to Plaza de Cibeles and Atocha in Madrid. The Airport Express bus is a good alternative for getting around Madrid. From Madrid Airport T1 T2-T3 T4.  During the day, the bus runs every 15 to 20 minutes to Atocha station. From 23h30 to 6h, the Airport Express operates every 35 minutes. The bus stops are Terminal 4, Terminal 2, Terminal 1, O’Donnell, Cibeles (great stop) and Atocha (train if continue traveling). The Madrid EMT bus network on the Airport Express bus in English: Madrid tourist office on EMT Airport Express bus


This is the Madrid tourist office on getting around Madrid general information: Madrid tourist office on getting around Madrid

This is an interactive map for EMT bus lines with schedules and hours very nice indeed to trace your route before leaving home or hotel/aprt etc. Navega por Madrid transport interactive tool

And there you go folks, nice easy above ground transportation in a lovely city like Madrid. No need for anything else but do lots of walking like we do all over, great sights, wonderful architecture and history all around your eyes. Hope you enjoy the bus ride in and around Madrid.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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