Port de Suffren, Paris!

Back again to my eternal Paris, can’t be too far away from it… This is another memorable spot for us and done the event but not the place so here is my take on it. Let me tell you about the Port de Suffren very near the Eiffel tower The port de Suffren at the Quai Branly off the pont Bir Hakeim bridge or just coming from the Eiffel tower and go down on your left to the Seine river. The name Suffren comes from 1905 that was the avenue found next to it (see post) . The port is about 600 meters long from the Pont d’Iéna to the Pont de Bir-Hakeim and is mostly filled with housing peniche boats. You can reach in Paris by taking métro Bir Hakeim line 6 or RER C Champ de Mars/Tour Eiffel, you go down the stairs by the carrusel side with your back on the Tour Eiffel down and on your left.  The port of Suffren is a straight dividing lane in the 7éme and 15éme arrondissements of Paris, located on the left bank of the Seine river.


One of my fond memories of my eternal Paris as had to go to an office nearby much nearer the Tour Eiffel Seine river side; and was invited to a wine gourmand event here hosted by Maxim’s the famous house. First time came first, then over the years living near, was on their emailing list and came back several times with the family. It was a glorious moment of now many memories and happy moments. See my post on it in my blog.

The port of Suffren is full of boats peniche and entertainment center just steps below the Eiffel tower which most people go unnoticed but very much worth the look and partake. There is also a stop for the Seine boat taxi or Batobus here!


Perhaps, the most famous is the Vedette de Paris cruising boats. Les Vedettes de Paris was created in 1976 with a new approach to touristic discovery of Paris with quality and friendly cruises on traditional and comfortable boats. Event hosting has been added to these services. The Vedettes de Paris was purchased in 2006 by the Socatra group (French oil tanker shipping company) in alliance with one of the world’s largest ship broker companies, the BRS group. More official info in English here: Vedette de Paris

The other eventful peniche boat here is the Bal de la Marine , another wonderful long beautiful boat. Le Bal De La Marine was born in June 2017 from the merger with Le Cercle De La Mer, host association and owner of the boat. Located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, it is made up of a restaurant boat and a quay terrace on which are installed a bar, a stage and a dance floor. Your hosts are former sailors, former admirals and quite simply lovers of the sea. The Bal de la Marine or navy ballroom dance is first and foremost a cross-cultural cultural exchange around the theme of the sea. More info here: Bal de la Marine

Paris port suffren maxims nov2208

Le Maxim’s as stated is my sentimental peniche boat and still available for events, restaurant sitting and the famous Saveurs et Vins gastronomic event I attended for several years, and still in contact with many of its producers. Le Maxim’s peniche boat is located at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, a real floating palace, welcomes you on two levels, in a refined Belle Epoque setting. More info here: Le Maxim’s


The Circle de la Mer peniche is another nice thing to see and partake here. Since June 2017, the catering-event part is provided by the Bal de la Marine (see above). it offers differentiated restorations in the morning and in the evening with reservations, privatizations etc. During the summer a terrace welcomes you on the quay, with frequent entertainment, suitable catering and various musical atmospheres offered by talented artists. More info here: Cercle de la Mer

I have another post in my blog on the event mentioned above Saveurs et Vins so wont go into it here, but for reference their webpage is in French here: Saveurs et Vins

And there you go folks ,another dandy in my eternal Paris. Always something wonderful out of nowhere, but out of the Seine river they are plenty … good ones. Hope you enjoy the Port de Suffren and do walk on it at night is sublime looking up the Tour Eiffel light up!

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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