Church of St. Pierre et St. Paul ,Erdeven!

Another beach town in my lovely Morbihan breton , this is as well a town already has a post in my blog but feel missing something extra.  And I thought of the Church of St Peter and St Paul or église St Pierre et St Paul. Therefore here is a bit more on Erdeven!

Erdeven is located in the department 56 of the Morbihan, in the region of Bretagne. Located by the sea, Erdeven is a seaside resort with beautiful beaches such as Kerminihy, naturist beach since the 1970s ; Kerouriec, family beach by Roche-Sèche; and Kerhillio, the best known and favorite of us, for its flat bottom and waves that allow everyone to be in the water. The latter continues towards Sainte-Barbe beach (town of Plouharnel see posts). This beach extends to Fort Penthièvre on the Quiberon peninsula (see posts). These beaches are part of the largest dune cordon in Brittany which extends from the Pointe de Gâvres to the Fort de Penthièvre in the town of Saint-Pierre-Quiberon (see posts).

The name of Erdeven comes from the Breton An Ardeven and it means “the country on the dune”. There are several things to see here some already mentioned in previous posts such as the megaliths alignements de Kerzérho (menhirs); Mané-Braz Dolmens, and Mane-Croch. As well as the Run-er-Sinzen mound. The Narbon windmill, built in 1805 and restored after the storm of 1987. The Chapel of the Seven Saints, whose origin is unknown, but in ruins in the 19C, it was restored in 1899. The castle and park of Keravéon, which became a 4-star hotel (see post). The castle of Kercadio also private from the Middle Ages

The main thing of the post is show a bit more about a wonderful monument the Church of St Peter and St Paul or église de St Pierre et St Paul.




The Church of St. Pierre et St. Paul ;which recognized the Lords of Keravéon for the founders of the town, was entirely rebuilt in the 18C. We owe this church to the Talhouët family, Lords of Keravéon. The date of 1755 appears on its curious bell tower entirely built in granite. Its shape is square at the base and then octagonal and ends in a pyramid dome capped with a skylight under a cross also in granite. The Latin cross Church of St Peter and St Paul has been modified several times, notably in 1833 where it was enlarged by two collateral. On the other hand, in the 1960’s, the expansion of the road D 781 necessitated to trim the apse and rebuild the sacristy.



The three altar altarpieces were destroyed. Inside the ceiling is panelled. The Choir now shows the statues of St. Peter and St. Paul on either side of a large wooden cross. The pulpit in carved wood is remarkable. There are various statues and an element of the old altar altarpiece, a Madonna and Child, facing the pulpit. The group of Seven Saints, in plaster, dates from the 20C and comes from the Chapel of the Seven Saints, restored in the 19C. The set of 12 stained glass was entirely made in 1896. These stained glass windows are mentioned by the generous donors, the families of the village and the clergy, who have financed them. Most of them are portraits of Saints such as St. Michael, St. Joseph, St. Peter, St. John the Baptist, Sacred Heart of Jesus, Blessed Virgin Mary,St. Anne, St. Louis, Ste. Germaine , and St. Francis de Sales. The two stained glass windows of the Choir show the martyrdom of St. Peter and Saint Helena discovering the true Cross.



Again the church is not mention in the tourist sites tant pis, unfortunately but it is worth the detour for its architecture and history at the least.  Here are some webpages to help you plan your trip to Erdeven just south of me.

The town of Erdeven on tourism practical information! City of Erdeven on tourism information

The tourist office of the area Bay of Quiberon on ErdevenTourist office Bay of Quiberon on Erdeven

And there you go another nice tour on a lovely town which combine with the church and the beaches you have for a wonderful weekend in Erdeven, indeed. Hope you enjoy the tour.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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