Nha Trang, Vietnam, I !!

So looking at the blog old posts realise some are not seen the light as I hope for , not too many but this one falls into the category of forgotten posts. So I am reviving and redoing it completely. Bear in mind the visit was in 2016.

This was Nha Trang, and what a surprise, the best stay in Vietnam after several trips in the last few years. Of course fun wise, no time for sightseeing just fun night time. Of course I have written before in other posts but more on the history of it.

Nha Trang is a seaside town, also the capital city of Khánh Hòa Province on the South Central Coast of Vietnam. It has a 6 kms long beach front that is superb, and a Bay of over 400 sq kms and 19 small islands. Nha Trang is known as the famous entertainment center of Vietnam; which I just found out lol!!

I arrive on Vietnam Airlines from HCMC (see posts) and landed at The airport is nice been a former military base ,and is about 30 kms from the city, call Cam Ranh International Airport , the entry in and out was simple and easy. An easy to read webpage on it is here: Nha Trang airport

nha trang airport taxi stand mar16

And I went straight to check in at the hotel, Paris Nha Trang Hotel, tuck in an alley off the main beach boulevard Tran Phu. It is a very nice hotel with as you notice Paris motifs of the Seine river and Eiffel tower; rooms are nice spacious bath, good breakfast resto and the most is walking distance to the beach and Entertainment!! More here: Paris Nha Trang Hotel

nha trang

nha trang

nha trang paris hotel to right beach mar16

And I immediately went out with some local friends that guide me thru it all gloriously. First business of the night was to check out the huge big Best Western Premier Havana hotel where on the top floor there is the Skylight Skydeck & Rooftop Beach Club , a super club highly recommended loaded with locals and tourists alike having great fun with the most beautiful views of the city below even at night. I stayed here until the wee hours and was all fun clean and safe.  Here is the hotel page with beautiful shots of the Bay and the club; Havana Hotel Skylight club

nha trang

nha trang

nha trang

Of course ,the night continues into the Zima Club, this is a classic club and we had lots of fun here, they consider the largest dance floor in Nha Trang, I can vouch for it, loaded action. If you want fun ,then come here. While there it was loaded with Russian tourists wild drinking and partying.  The location is at Basement Level, Eland, Tran Phu Street.  Here is their Facebook page :Facebook page of Zima Club Nha Trang

nha trang

nha trang

Anyway , I finished at the Sailing club a more relax ambiance right next to the beach and part of a diving club. You can dance and the beach is next to you with sandy long stretch very nice, the pace here picked up after 2am or 02h!!! The official page for it is here: Sailing Club Nha Trang

nha trang

nha trang

nha trang

Of course, next day we had lunch at Biển Hồng New – Hải Sản Tươi Sống  typical Vietnamese resto with live crabs and fish to eat fresh; good food but you need to be brave like me ::)  Here is a foody review in Vietnamese but take from me the food is awesome raw and fresh and of course cook to order. Foody Vietnam

nha trang

And of course, do not forget the beach , glorious into one of the world’s best bays. 6 kms long beach with best by 13h. This is to unwind after a loong night of entertainment of course, food for the soul and mind. Here is info on it from World Bays on the Nha Trang BayWorld Bays on Nha Trang Bay

nha trang

Here is the Vietnam Guide on Nha Trang very informative, hope it helps: Vietnam Guide on Nha Trang

The tourist office of Vietnam on Nha TrangVietnam tourism on Nha Trang

Now excuse me but the trip was done while carrying a blueberry phone and the pictures at night did not turn out good but still is the souvenir of the trip. Hope you enjoy the post nevertheless and do visit wonderful Nha Trang in Vietnam.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all !!!

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