Coconut Grove, FL!!!

Ok beat me ,I am getting nostalgically old nowdays, maybe its the confinement lol! But heck I need to put this piece in my blog, it is just awesome memories and this is the time to do it. Memories forever in my State of Florida. Bear in mind photos are old and from paper photo so for me just for the memories!!

Let me tell you a bit on a special spot there for me and my family as we were there almost every weekend for years. Let me tell you about Coconut Grove! the Grove!!!

Coconut Grove is the oldest continuously inhabited neighborhood of Miami in Miami-Dade County; State of Florida. The neighborhood is roughly bound by North Prospect Drive to the south, LeJeune Road to the west, South Dixie Highway (US 1) and Rickenbacker Causeway to the north, and Biscayne Bay to the east. It is south of the neighborhoods of Brickell and The Roads and east of Coral Gables. The definitive spelling “Coconut Grove” was established when the city was incorporated in 1919.. The area is often referred to as “The Grove” and many locals take pride that Coconut Grove is one of the greenest areas of Miami.

Landmark of hippies in the 60s, home of Flower power and then a favorite quarter of intellectual artists, the village of Coconut Grove then became considerably quieter. If it now shelters a wealthy but discreet population, an extraordinary greenery and small motley shops, it retains traces of this originality and a Bohemian spirit that make the Grove a unique district of Miami.

Official webpage dedicated to the Grove: Coconut Grove all info needed

One of the nicest spot there and we went for it each time just to unwind from our day before getting to eating and drinking away was the Barnacle! Nestled in the middle of a dense forest of tropical plants and trees, the Barnacle is the oldest house in Miami Dade  County. The building was designed in 1886 and now it is home to the Barnable Historic State park at 3485 Main Highway. More from the FLorida State Parks here: Florida State Parks on Barnacle

coconut grove

CocoWalk is currently under construction and is set to reopen in the early 2020s. Actually this is as old as I can remember and the main reason we came here. It had a cinema, discothéque, several restaurants and a great library not to mention a nice Mediterranean architecture to just spend a day with the family. I would be glad once it reopen and see the new layout. Probably delay due to the virus. It was very popular.

coconut grove

Coconut Grove

What is still there is The Streets of Mayfair. For your shopping moment, this is where it happens. This small neighborhood located between Grande Avenue in the south, Virginia Street in the west, Oak street in the north and Mary street in the east is ideal for pedestrian walks, with its small restaurants, its bookshop and its rather motley shops.

The villa Vizcaya  castle and museum at 3251 S Miami Avenue already written on it in my blog (see post).

The maze of winding streets, the queen vegetation, the architectural freedom of the houses, a stroll through the residential districts, even by car, will reveal the “artist” character of the Grove. Wander the alleys shaded by banyan fig trees, get lost in the flowery paths to feel this special atmosphere , but only during the day. Because at night, between the lack of street lighting and the leafy trees, you may not see anything at all. Lose yourself between: East of Lejeune Road, South of Loquat Avenue, West of 37th Avenue and North of Ingraham Highway. Indeed superbe one of the nicest spot in South Florida me think and I worked and lived there for 11 years (total of 18 in Fl).

Take a walk by 37th avenue, between Charles Avenue and Franklin Avenue, to take a look at the Charlotte Jane Memorial Park Cemetery where it was filmed the scene of the living dead of the music clip Thriller by Michael Jackson .. In the film Scarface, Manny lives in an upscale home in the Grove yes saw the movie? In the TV series Dexter, based on the book series by Jeff Lindsay, Dexter Morgan lived in Coconut Grove.oh yeah! And and Coconut Grove was the location for the 1985 Burt Reynolds film Stick. Yess! Also, the 2008 film Marley & Me with Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson, based on John Grogan’s book, was filmed on location in Coconut Grove. Oe oe oe!!!

I found a very nice youtube video that show you more of the place, credit to it.

Additional webpages to help you plan your trip here and it is recommended when in Miami are

The tourist office of Miami and the Beaches on Coconut GroveMiami and the Beaches on Coconut Grove

The State of Florida tourism on Coconut GroveState of Florida tourism on Coconut Grove

It was magical and we love to be there, even came back on a visit in 2009. Always in our heart and many family moments. Hope you too can one day enjoy Coconut Grove. 

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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  1. Venga! Te diré que cuando fui policía en Miami-Dade, el Grove era parte de mi zona de responsabilidad y al oeste de la 32 Av era donde comenzaban los grandes problemas que de vez en cuando se extendían a la zona de Coco Walk y otras partes…pero cuando ya decidí irme de Miami el Grove era un lugar muerto…me han gustado mucho las fotos y un saludo

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