A bit more of Luxembourg garden!

Looking for articles to post in my blog from my vault , realised that I have many posts of a general overview way and many needs more in detail posts. Between these and the new items found to post , I think will have enough until retirement alone not counting the new trips lol! I have said before from my vault, but if count the numbers on my cd roms of pictures i have almost 100K photos! yes 100 000. Stay tune…

One of these spots and a very popular one by all is the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris. Indeed one post would not do justice to it and I said that initially. I have some additional photos found so will give you a bit more on it. Anyway ,is always good to speak/write about Paris!

I will give brief introductions here as already loaded on my blog. The Jardin du Luxembourg are located in the 6éme arrondissement of Paris between the Latin quarter, Saint-Germain des Prés and Montparnasse. I take my bus in front of it for my job duties in Paris nowdays. There are several buses that stop here my favorite is the 82 see post.

The 23 hectare jardin du Luxembourg garden was created in 1612 by Jacques Boyceau at the request of Marie de Médicis widow of Henri IV. It was created around the Luxembourg Palace that the mother of Louis XIII had built. It owes its name to François de Luxembourg, a duke, a distant descendant of the first count of the Grand Duchy. The flowerbeds were refurbished in 1635 by André Le Nôtre. In 1830, an orangery was built in the garden, then gradually added an orchard, greenhouses, a rose garden and an apiary still used today and accessible to visitors

Some of the latest additions to it came last mid-November 2019 to early March 2020, the 49 chestnut trees that surround the bandstand on the St Michel plateau will be slaughtered to be replaced by 60 hackberry trees. Further south, 6 chestnut trees will also be cut down in order to renovate the eastern border of the staggered tree replanted in 2013. Seven hackberry trees will take their place.  A jade vine,is in full bloom in the corridor of the orchid greenhouse. This vigorous climbing plant is native to the tropical forests of the Philippines. Its flowering is inimitable since the plant forms large hanging clusters of 90 cm, along which are flowers in the shape of a claw of a very unusual bluish green color.


Some of the spots around the Jardin du Luxembourg are the Jardin d’été or summer garden where you can see the central basin, the Luxembourg palace (senate) , and the Medici Fountain.

Looking towards the  Palais du Luxembourg – Senate ; Marie de Médicis on the death of Henri IV decides to have a palace built which reminds her of his old Tuscan home on land which she buys from Duke François of Luxembourg. She had the palace built by Salomon de Brosse from 1615 to 1630, which was modeled on the Pitti Palace in Florence. This is where the Senate of France is located today.


Towards the  museum and the orangery.  The orangery of the Luxembourg garden, built in 1834 by Alphonse de Gisors was assigned to the Luxembourg museum in 1886..The Luxembourg museum was first installed in the Luxembourg Palace. It was then transferred to the current building constructed by the Senate between 1884 and 1886. Closed after the construction of a National Museum of Modern Art at the Palais de Tokyo in 1937, the Musée du Luxembourg reopens its doors to the public in 1979.

Towards the jardin d’hiver or winter garden  where the main entrance is where I usually park when coming with family for visits in the area on the rue Guynemer. In this area you have easy access to the Medici fountain , the Greek author statue, view of the Pantheon, the Lycée Montaigne( high school) , and view of the tour Montparnasse.

Finally ,towards the apiary school which the first apiary school in Luxembourg  abd was founded in 1856 by Henri Hamet, training in modern beekeeping techniques continues to be provided by the Socièté Centrale d’Apiculture  ( sort of the central beekeeping company).

This is a map you can print from the Senate of France ,helps on guidance and free/ The Senat de France map on jardin du Luxembourg

In terms of entertainment, you can practice chess, bridge, tennis, admire the works regularly exhibited on the outdoor grills, or simply sit on a chair and enjoy a moment  in the green . The music kiosk offers eclectic programming in summer, children can rent remote-controlled boats that they maneuver on the basin, attend puppet theater performances, ride a pony or enjoy the playground.

As always by yours truly some webpages to help you plan your trip from official sources:

The city of Paris on the garden: City of Paris on the luxembourg garden

The Paris tourist office on the garden: Paris tourist office on the Luxembourg garden

The Senat de France on practical information for visiting the Luxembourg garden: Senat de France practical information on the Luxembourg garden

And there you go always a happening place, full of Parisians and visiting families fun for all and a must to visit while in Paris. The jardin du Luxembourg are sublime. Hope you enjoy the briefings.

And remember, happy travels, good health, and many cheers to all!!!

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